Are you a parent who has made your business idea a reality? How do you market your product, go through the legal process of a patent and sell it to others? Is it possible for the little guy to get into a big boxed store? It is and there is a book to guide you through it.

Author Tamara Monosoff has been in retail for over 30 years, working for Sam’s Club and Walmart  Home Office. She has seen first hand great ideas from regular people become products sold at big boxed stores.


The book is a perfect guide from the moment you have your great idea to taking the first steps. It walks you through your growing idea becoming a business. How do you protect yourself with trademarks, patents and the like? How do you get funding for your big (but expensive) idea? Do you find a partner? How do you make the sale? All of these questions and more are answered in this one book.

Tamara has filled The Mom Inventor’s Handbook with videos that you can scan with your cell phone for further information. She ha s great testimonials (we were happy to business people we have worked with give a great review) and easy to understand yet very detailed ideas to get your idea into a successful business!


We love that Tamara is supporting parents who have great ideas and want them to be available to help others. She is a great business woman and has put out a great book for all of you budding entrepreneurs. Buy her book here!