Show and tell is such a fun time for students! They learn from each other and they get to share their beloved items. Sometimes, teachers may ask a student to bring in an item corresponding with a letter from the alphabet. Here are some great letter E show and tell ideas along with descriptions.

Letter E Show and Tell Ideas With Descriptions

Here are 85 show and tell ideas centered around the letter “E,” along with brief descriptions for each:


Bring a small elephant figurine or a picture of an elephant to talk about these gentle giants.


Show a picture or a model of an eagle and discuss their impressive hunting skills.


Discuss our planet Earth and its importance in our solar system.


Share different types of eggs and discuss their uses in cooking.


Explain what an ecosystem is and discuss a specific one that interests you.


Share an emotion and talk about how it feels and when you’ve experienced it.


Talk about famous explorers like Christopher Columbus or Neil Armstrong.


Show how an engine works, or bring a model of an engine.


Discuss ways to protect the environment and show eco-friendly products.


Share facts about ancient Egypt and bring a picture of the pyramids.

Elephant Seal:

Discuss the massive elephant seal and its habitat.

Eiffel Tower:

Show a model or a picture of the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris.


Explain what erosion is and show examples from nature.

Edible Plants:

Present plants like lettuce, spinach, or herbs that are edible.


Show different types of exercise equipment and discuss their benefits.


Display a collection of colorful erasers and talk about their use.


Share your favorite Easter traditions and decorations.


Talk about Albert Einstein and his contributions to science.


Discuss how electricity works and show a simple electrical circuit.

Endangered Species:

Raise awareness about endangered animals and their conservation.


Share information about volcanic eruptions and their effects.

Easter Eggs:

Show decorated Easter eggs and explain the tradition.

Elvis Presley:

Talk about the legendary musician Elvis Presley.


Discuss planets outside our solar system and their discovery.


Discuss the importance of equality and show symbols like the equal sign.


Bring an eggplant and explain its uses in cooking.

Edvard Munch:

Share famous artworks like “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.


Explain the concept of elasticity and demonstrate with rubber bands.

European Countries:

Present flags or facts about various European countries.


Discuss Thomas Edison and his inventions like the light bulb.

Eruptions (Skin):

Share information about skin eruptions like acne.


Explain how animals like bats use echolocation.


Display your embroidery work and discuss this craft.


Talk about eucalyptus trees and their uses.

Eagles (Sports):

Discuss famous sports teams like the Philadelphia Eagles.


Explain basic economic concepts and their relevance.


Discuss animals with exoskeletons like insects.

Exoplanet Hunters:

Share information about scientists searching for exoplanets.


Show a miniature euphonium and discuss musical instruments.

Energy Conservation:

Share tips for conserving energy at home.


Discuss historical mysteries and enigmatic events.


Talk about the wisdom of elders and their role in society.


Explore different historical eras like the Renaissance.

Eid al-Fitr:

Share traditions and celebrations of Eid al-Fitr.

Egg Carton Crafts:

Show creative crafts made from egg cartons.

Einstein’s Equations:

Explain Einstein’s famous equations, E=mc².

Election Process:

Describe how elections work in your country.


Discuss eco-friendly travel destinations.

Ethnic Foods:

Share and discuss dishes from various ethnic cuisines.

Egg Drop Experiment:

Demonstrate an egg drop experiment with various materials.

Eggcellent Breakfasts:

Share creative breakfast recipes with eggs.

Electric Cars:

Talk about electric vehicles and their environmental benefits.

Emergency Services:

Discuss the roles of police, fire, and medical services.


Show popular emoticons and their meanings.


Explain the process of making espresso coffee.

Eco-Friendly Fashion:

Discuss sustainable and eco-friendly fashion trends.

Enchanted Forests:

Share stories about enchanted forests in literature.

Eco-Friendly Gardening:

Talk about sustainable gardening practices.

Epic Adventures:

Share an epic adventure story from a book or movie.

Elementary Schools:

Talk about your school and share memories.

Electric Guitars:

Discuss famous electric guitarists and their music.

Emergency Preparedness:

Explain the importance of being prepared for emergencies.

Eggcellent Desserts:

Share dessert recipes featuring eggs. Be sure to check with the school policy of bringing food and allergies in the classroom! Alternatively, you can take pictures of desserts.

Eco-Friendly Transportation:

Discuss eco-friendly transportation options. Take a picture of local eco friendly transportation or draw a picture of a future idea!

Eucalyptus Oil:

Discuss the uses and benefits of eucalyptus oil. Be sure to check for allergies and school rules first!

Exotic Pets:

Talk about unusual pets like reptiles or exotic birds.

Ecosystem Services:

Explain the benefits provided by natural ecosystems.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity:

Discuss the theory and its implications. There are baby books designed to explain it to pre- schoolers!

Equestrian Sports:

Share information about horseback riding sports.

Eggshell Art:

Show art created on eggshells.

Eco-Friendly Architecture:

Discuss sustainable architectural designs.

Electricity Generation:

Explain various methods of generating electricity.

Ephemeral Art:

Share examples of temporary art installations.


Discuss the theory of evolution and its significance.

Eco-Friendly Hobbies:

Talk about hobbies that promote environmental conservation.

Egghead Characters:

Discuss fictional characters known for their intelligence.

Eating Etiquette:

Share etiquette tips for dining.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products:

Discuss eco-friendly cleaning options.

Enchanted Gardens

: Describe beautiful and magical garden settings.

Egg Substitute:

Share egg substitutes in cooking and baking.

Ethical Fashion Brands:

Discuss brands promoting ethical clothing.

Epic Poetry:

Share excerpts from epic poems.

Escape Rooms:

Discuss the fun of solving puzzles in escape rooms.

Ecosystem Preservation:

Talk about efforts to protect natural ecosystems.

Eggshell Sculptures:

Show sculptures made from eggshells.

These show and tell ideas covering the letter “E” should offer plenty of options to choose from for your presentation. Enjoy sharing your knowledge and interests with others!