Many parents who have babies with colic have experienced those sleepless nights, week after week and sometimes month after month. They hear their child crying in pain and they feel that their is nothing that they can do about it. You know this little baby is, deep down inside, a happy one. They just cannot express themselves because of the pain that they’re feeling. Then, there is you, the parent. Exhausted, out of options, wanting to take away your child’s pain and wishing to just get one hour of uninterrupted sleep.

Some parents are told that colic, in fact does not exist. After a desperate trip to the doctor’s office, some let you know that their is little you can do. Author Jen Lester has been there and she has the answers with her new book: A Survivor’s Guide to Colic.


We first have to mention that since Jen has been there, it makes it even more easy to relate! She has made this easy to read guide an easy aid for the parent who has not a lot of time on their hands but desperately needs answers… QUICKLY. How can Jen relate to your story? Here is her experience:

 Sam & I were so proud when Oliver was born, so excited and full of hope for the future.  We adored our gorgeous little man and were just so delighted that he’d arrived safely.

When the crying began we started out fairly chipper, we just smiled at each other and reminded ourselves that we’d expected that having a new baby wouldn’t be easy.  Then when it went on for days… and then those days became weeks, that ‘chipper’ mood turned rather desperate.

The crying was awful…. Really awful…. Somewhere deep in my psyche I believed that a mother should be able to comfort her own baby.  So I felt utterly dreadful when nothing seemed to help.  Devastated.  With this terrible feeling that I was failing my baby, right from the outset.

My mind was racing with questions like “Will he be scarred forever by this terrible start?”, “Is it just because he’s a difficult baby?”, “Am I a terrible mother that I can’t comfort my own baby?”  They were really dark times and very dark questions.  When I looked into it further, I found that there was some really helpful medical research that addresses those kinds of questions and that’s information that I want to get out there to other parents of excessively crying babies.

And once we fixed the colic, it turned out that Oli has a really sunny temperament – he’s always smiling and ready to explore the world and find some mischief!

Assuring the wary parent that their is a light at the end of the tunnel, this book can be your life saver! Here are some of our personal favourites:

We love the diagrams that accompanies some great ways to swaddle your baby, the fact that each idea has an alternative point of view and Jen’s point of view and the amount of ideas it explores as to why your baby has colic. There is no judgement, only understanding. This book gives the parent to be permission to relax, relate and revise the way they deal with a colicy baby. We believe these results will bring so many babies (and parents too!) the relief they need and deserve. Now, you can enjoy your new baby and allow your little one to bond with family and friends and begin your road as new parents!