Letter O Show and Tell Ideas – Show and tell can easily be one of your child’s favorite elementary school memories. Here are some great ideas for letter O-based show-and-tell ideas that your child will love.

Letter O Show and Tell Ideas With Descriptions

Here are over 85 show-and-tell ideas related to the letter “O,” along with brief descriptions for each:


Bring a toy or picture of an octopus and share interesting facts about them.


Display an owl feather or a picture of an owl and discuss their nocturnal habits.


Share a small pot of oregano plant and talk about its culinary uses.


Showcase your origami creations and explain the art of paper folding.


Bring in a seashell or a vial of seawater and discuss marine life and ecosystems.


Share a short clip of an opera performance and talk about this form of musical theater.

Olive Oil:

Bring a bottle of olive oil and discuss its uses in cooking and its health benefits.


Show a fresh orange and discuss its nutritional value and citrus fruits in general.


Share a picture of an otter and talk about their playful behavior.


Discuss the history of the Olympic Games and bring in Olympic memorabilia if available.

Oak Tree:

Share a small oak tree branch or acorns and discuss the significance of oak trees.

Ozone Layer:

Explain the importance of the ozone layer in protecting Earth from UV radiation.


Show how an oven works and discuss the science of baking.

Outer Space:

Share pictures of planets, stars, or astronauts and discuss space exploration.


Display a compass and map and explain the basics of orienteering.


Bring in an onion and discuss its layers and culinary uses.

Opera Singer:

Share a video of an opera singer and discuss their vocal talent.

Olaf (Frozen):

Bring a plush Olaf toy and talk about the popular character from Disney’s Frozen.

Oil Painting:

Showcase an oil painting you’ve created or admire the work of famous artists.


Discuss the science of studying the ocean and marine life.


Bring a bowl of oatmeal and talk about its nutritional value and different toppings.


Display a picture or a small model of an obelisk and explain its historical significance.


Show a shape with eight sides and discuss its properties.


Share a clip of an orchestra performance and discuss different musical instruments.


Explain the concept of orbits in space and how celestial bodies move.


Display and play an ocarina, a musical wind instrument.


Show a picture of an oyster and discuss their habitat and pearl formation.


Share a picture of an ostrich and discuss their unique characteristics.

Old Coins:

Display old or foreign coins and talk about their historical value.

Oil Rig:

Show a picture or model of an oil rig and discuss the process of oil extraction.


Discuss the study of birds and share pictures of different bird species.

Opera House:

Show a picture of a famous opera house and discuss its history.


Share the story of your family’s origins or ancestry.


Discuss the purpose of observatories and famous ones around the world.

Olympic Rings:

Display the Olympic rings symbol and explain its meaning.


Show a piece of onyx stone and discuss its properties and uses.

Ocarina of Time (Video Game):

Discuss the classic video game and its significance in gaming history.

Oil Spill:

Talk about the environmental impact of oil spills and efforts to clean them up.

Ocean Floor:

Share pictures and information about the features of the ocean floor.

Orca (Killer Whale):

Show a picture of an orca and discuss their behavior and habitat.

Opera Costume:

Dress up in an opera costume and explain its significance.

Oil Lamp:

Display an old-fashioned oil lamp and discuss its historical use.

Oman (Country):

Share facts and pictures about the Sultanate of Oman.


Display a piece of opal and discuss its unique colors and properties.


Show a picture of an osprey and discuss its hunting habits.


Share a picture of oxen and discuss their use in agriculture.

Ocarina Music:

Play a tune on the ocarina and explain its music.

Olive Garden (Restaurant):

Talk about the popular Italian restaurant chain.

Olympic Torch:

Display a picture or a replica of an Olympic torch and discuss its symbolism.

Organ (Musical Instrument):

Explain the workings of an organ and its use in music.


Discuss the study of bones and bring in a model of a skeleton.

Opulent (Word):

Share the meaning of the word “opulent” and discuss examples of opulence.

Oyster Farming:

Talk about the process of oyster farming and its economic importance.

Ornamental Plants:

Bring in a potted ornamental plant and discuss its care.

Obstacle Course:

Create a miniature obstacle course and explain how it works.


Interview an octogenarian (someone in their 80s) and discuss their life experiences.

Origins of Language:

Discuss the origins of human language and how it has evolved.

Opera Libretto:

Share a famous opera libretto and discuss its role in opera performances.

Oil Exploration:

Explain the process of exploring and drilling for oil.

Organ Donation:

Discuss the importance of organ donation and its impact on saving lives.

Oxbow Lake:

Show a picture of an oxbow lake and discuss its formation.

Outdoor Adventure:

Share stories and pictures from an outdoor adventure or camping trip.

Old Testament:

Discuss the Old Testament of the Bible and its significance.

Olympic Medals:

Display Olympic medals and discuss their design and value.

Oral Tradition:

Explain the concept of oral tradition and share a story from one.

Oversized Objects:

Bring in oversized objects and discuss their uniqueness.

Oat Farming:

Discuss the process of growing and harvesting oats.

Olfactory Senses:

Explore the sense of smell and bring in scents to identify.

Oriental Rug:

Display an oriental rug and discuss its craftsmanship.


Talk about the work of orphanages and their impact on children.

Oven Mitts:

Share different types of oven mitts and discuss their use.

Open Source Software:

Explain the concept of open-source software and its benefits.

Outdoor Sculpture:

Showcase outdoor sculptures and discuss their artistic significance.

Ocean Pollution:

Discuss the issue of ocean pollution and its consequences.

Operation: Board Game:

Play the board game Operation and discuss hand-eye coordination.

Olive Harvest:

Share the process of harvesting olives and making olive oil.

Olympic Host Cities:

Discuss cities that have hosted the Olympic Games.

Outdoor Movie Night:

Share your experience of watching a movie outdoors.

Ocarina History:

Talk about the history and cultural significance of the ocarina.


Visit an orchard and discuss the various fruit trees.

Origami Animals:

Create origami animals and discuss their symbolism.

Ocean Currents:

Explain the role of ocean currents in climate.

Outdoor Cooking:

Show outdoor cooking equipment and discuss different recipes.

Orca Conservation:

Discuss efforts to conserve and protect orca populations.

Olympic Mascots:

Share pictures of Olympic mascots and discuss their significance.

These show-and-tell ideas related to the letter “O” cover a wide range of topics, from nature and science to culture and history, providing plenty of options for a fun and educational presentation.

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