Letter M Show and Tell Ideas- Show and tell is a great learning game for the children in school. Each child brings an item or story of interest and shows the class. This way, children can learn from the different items and experiences from each other. Occassionally, a teacher may assign a student with a letter, where they bring an item or experience to the class corresponding with their assigned letter.

We have the best letter M show-and-tell ideas that you, your child and their entire class will love! We have included a little description of each to get things started.

Letter M Show and Tell Ideas With Descriptions

Here are more than 85 show and tell ideas related to the letter “M,” along with brief descriptions:


Bring in a map and explain an interesting place you’d like to visit.


Show how magnets attract and repel objects.


Share a foreign currency or a unique coin collection.


Demonstrate how a microscope works and show microscopic slides.


Talk about the planet Mars and its exploration.


Discuss a specific mammal, like a monkey or a meerkat.


Play a musical instrument or share a favorite song.


Display a small meteorite and discuss space rocks.


Share a mermaid-themed item or costume.


Bring in homemade muffins for a tasty treat.


Discuss the phases of the moon or show moon-related artwork.


Display a mosaic artwork or craft project.


Talk about a favorite movie and show a movie poster.


Share information about a specific mountain range.


Explain the science behind magnetism.


Show a decorative mask from a different culture.


Share a magazine that interests you.


Create a fun monster-themed art project.


Share a math puzzle or demonstrate a math concept.


Discuss a mystery book or share a mystery object.


Display a medal or trophy you’ve received.

Marine Life:

Talk about marine animals like dolphins or manatees.


Share a toy motorcycle or model.


Present facts about Mexico or Mexican culture.


Show a miniature model of something interesting.


Discuss the popular video game and show gameplay.


Share your experience visiting a museum.

Magnet Poetry:

Create and share magnetic poetry.

Mail: Bring in interesting stamps or discuss the postal system.

Martial Arts:

Demonstrate a martial arts move or technique.

Magic Trick:

Perform a simple magic trick.


Bring in a ripe mango and talk about its taste and origin.


Discuss a mythological story or character.

Motor Skills:

Demonstrate a fine motor skill like drawing or threading beads.

Mount Rushmore:

Share information about this famous monument.

Model Rocket:

Display a model rocket and discuss space exploration.

Magnet Fishing:

Explain the hobby of magnet fishing.

Morse Code:

Show how to communicate using Morse code.

Mail Carrier:

Dress up as a mail carrier and discuss their job.

Moonwalk (dance move):

Teach the moonwalk dance move.

Mini Golf:

Discuss the game of miniature golf.

Migratory Birds:

Talk about birds that migrate long distances.

Marshmallow Art:

Create art using marshmallows and paint.


Share the process of growing microgreens.

Mount Everest:

Discuss the tallest mountain in the world.


Talk about how molasses is made and its uses.

Math Games:

Play a math-themed board game.


Explain the rules of the Monopoly board game.

Mexican Food:

Share a favorite Mexican dish and its ingredients.

Metal Detector:

Demonstrate how a metal detector works.


Discuss the unique wildlife of Madagascar.


Bring in a maze puzzle to solve.


Talk about different types of mushrooms.

Maglev Train:

Explain the concept of magnetic levitation trains.


Discuss the concept of a marathon race.

Mount Fuji:

Share information about Japan’s iconic volcano.

Magnetic Poetry Board:

Display a magnetic poetry board with words.

Monet (Artist):

Talk about the famous artist Claude Monet.


Play a mandolin or discuss musical instruments.


Create a hanging mobile art project.

Memory Game:

Play a memory matching game.

Morse Code Machine:

Build a simple Morse code transmitter.

Maple Syrup:

Explain how maple syrup is made.

Meteor Shower:

Discuss meteor showers and when to observe them.

Martial Arts Belt:

Show different martial arts belts and their significance.

Mardi Gras:

Discuss the Mardi Gras celebration and traditions.

Mosaic Stepping Stones:

Create decorative mosaic stepping stones.

Mars Rover Model:

Build a model of a Mars rover.

Mango Smoothie:

Prepare and share mango smoothies.

Musical Notation:

Explain musical notation and show sheet music.

Magnetic Sculptures:

Create artistic sculptures using magnets.

Minecraft Redstone:

Discuss the intricacies of Minecraft’s redstone circuitry.


Talk about different species of moths.

Model Bridge:

Build and display a model bridge.

Milk and Cookies:

Share cookies and milk as a snack.

Monster Truck:

Display a toy monster truck.

Macaroni Art:

Create art using macaroni noodles and paint.

Museum Artifacts:

Share interesting artifacts from a museum visit.

Marine Biologist:

Dress up as a marine biologist and discuss ocean life.

Magic Book:

Share a book of magic tricks and illusions.

Minecraft Creations:

Show off your creative Minecraft builds.


Discuss the brewing process at a microbrewery.

Maple Leaf:

Talk about the symbolism of the maple leaf.


Dress up as a meteorologist and discuss weather.


Discuss the concept of mummies and ancient Egypt.

These show and tell ideas related to the letter “M” cover a wide range of topics and interests, providing plenty of options for a fun and informative presentation.