Looking for your children to have endless fun with an adorable little toy? Little Live Pets is a perfect toy for your boy or girl! These new birds love to meet, sing new songs and tweet! The more you play with these birds, the more playful they become!



We were lucky enough to test Pink Petal, a delightful little bird with beautiful floral pattern wing. This toy is so detailed, your kids will automatically fall in love. Pink Petal, along with all of the other birds from Live Pets, records your voice and says it back to you in a little “birdy” voice. The bird also knows over 30 new bird calls! There are 8 birds to collect in total so collect them all!


We are also crazy about Little Live Pet’s Owl Mommy and Baby. Both Mom and baby interact with each other.  Mommy owl feeds baby owl and little baby, coos and burps in delight as your child helps with the feeding! Mommy and baby also sing to each other and know countless melodies that you children will recognize and love. Pet them more and they will interact even more with your children!

28040_LLPS2_OwlAndBaby_NighStar_OOP2_PP 28040_LLPS2_OwlAndBaby_NightStar_FRONT_PP

Little Live Pets are recommended for children over 3 years old. This is a perfect birthday gift that your children will love and that will keep them busy for hours! Little Live Pets spare no detail when designing these beautiful birds. They have a soft texture that children will love.

These toys are available exclusively at Toys R Us! Click here to buy today!