Prior Fortune 500 Executive Coach Includes Relationship Coaching in her Repertoire, Catering to Women to Help Them Find Lasting Love



Mai Vu, relationship coach continues her “Hot Life, Hot Love” events in the Bay Area and Sweden, as well as webinars, and private coaching internationally, to teach women that they deserve to be loved, cherished and adored. She assists women by guiding them to the path of finding self-love and balance in life, through implementing her relatable and  unique methodology.



SAN FRANCISCO, California – Mai Vu, a relationship coach since 1997 after a successful career coaching executives and executive trainers at well-established companies, brings a unique perspective to relationship coaching. She leads women on the path of “finding immense love in their life, while maintaining balance, to include the ability to have a satisfying, purposeful career and an exceptional foundation for one’s children”, according to Vu.  Earlier this year her first book was published entitled, “The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating: How to be Loved, Adored and Cherished.” Reflected in her book, webinars, and events, she shows hardworking women how to have a great romance, where they feel loved, adored and cherished by the right man; while raising healthy, well balanced children. She brings a unique perspective, and helps women identify with what she calls, “their peasant, priestess, and princess” identities, relating the peasant phase as one that is associated with past wounds, when those wounds are healed and love for oneself is learned, then there is room for a life filled with great love and romance. This is covered in explicit detail throughout her book.


Concerning any great coach in terms of general consensus, they are only relatable and highly beneficial when they have overcome struggles and reached the light at the end of the tunnel themselves, to bring the knowledge and wisdom in their area expertise. Mai Vu experienced it all in the dating world, which is why according to an industry peer, “her methodology is very effective and relatable to women, she is truly reaching people in positive ways and changing women’s lives for the better”. Mai Vu stated in a recent interview, “I represent a combination of love and compassion for my clients, true wisdom and knowledge of how to find self love first,  and I  do practice a  bit of tough love.” She continued, “ in terms of tough love, I simply mean stating truth, “if the women attending my webinars, events and private coaching do their work, and take the steps to heal their wounds, then it is possible to move onto the love they desire and yes, be loved, adored and cherished.” According to her program, she refers to the stage of having past wounds as “peasant pain”. One must heal that to make room for healthy and genuine love. Her bi-annual event in the San Francisco Area, as well as Sweden is called, “Hot Life, Hot Love.” The format of the seminar involves sharing her wisdom and methodology, hearing from a panel of male speakers who speak candidly regarding healthy, romantic relationships, and she incorporates the women she coaches having a chance to speak to the audience in attendance regarding their  own business and work, as well as incorporating a question and answer session. She provides this two day seminar essentially at no cost. It is $97 to hold a seat for the seminar, when the women arrive to seminar she then returns their fee. Mai Vu concluded that her goal is “to reach 100,000 women in her lifetime, to evoke positive change in their lives in love, work and through that, by direct association, to be a very positive influence on their children.” According to a recent client, “After attending her private coaching, learning a lot about self-love, good men now seem to be coming out of the woodwork.”


Author and Coach Mai Vu attended California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo where she earned her Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. She later obtained her Master’s Degree in Organizational Development from John F. Kennedy University and became the first Asian female Co-Active Coach in the world. She went on to coach executives and their trainers at Fortune 500 companies. Beginning in 1997, she began relationship coaching as she had a desire at that time to continue to change lives and inspire on an even more significant basis. According to her parents, they realized when she was a child that she possessed a lot of wisdom and insight. She is using that today to change women’s lives for the better, in love, life, relationships, career and in raising happy, well-adjusted children. Her book, “The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating: How to be Loved, Adored and Cherished” is available on,, Google Play Store, iBook, and many other online retailers.


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