Manta Sleep Mask SILK- The way you sleep can determine the type of day you are about to have. If you get a great sleep, you have the energy to keep up with your children, perform well at work and get daily tasks done. Alternatively, if you have a bad sleep, you can suffer through long days, mistakes and burnout. Manta Sleep is a brand that wants you to get a good sleep, every night. The Manta Sleep Mask SILK is a way that you can spoil yourself and not your sleep.

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Manta Sleep Mask Silk- What is the difference?

We know there are many sleep masks on the market. It can be hard to look through them all and see which one is right for you. Manta Sleep is our trusted brand. They care about the sleep you get every night and have invested in what a good sleep means for all people. Firstly, they use 100% black out masks for a deeper sleep. No lights or blue screens that may be on are going to hurt your sleep! Secondly, the masks are completely breathable. Unlike competitors, these masks don’t grasp your face. It is easy to put on without pulling on your hair or making it feel like you’re sleeping on a mask.

Manta Sleep Mask Silk

This mask is the best, made from 30 momme 100% pure silk, this gentle cover is kind to your delicate skin around the eyes. Pamper your eyes with this fantastic way to sleep. Like other Manta sleep masks, the material is very breathable, giving you a great sleep without your skin feeling suffocated.

We always love the gentle, snag-free fasteners to take off and put on the mask. The head strap is adjustable so it can fit many head sizes.

It just feels like you are spoiling yourself for sleep. We have to create the most calming, comfortable environment we can possible.


Your sleep is precious. This mask revitalizes your sleep. Crafted with 100% silk, you can have a total comfortable sleep experience with zero eye pressure 100% blackout mask for your eyes. Manta Sleep Mask SILK wants you to spoil yourself and not your sleep! This is your go to mask for sleep filled nights.