MasterMaze – A Fun And Interactive Game For Everyone

MasterMaze – Millions of parents around the world are looking for their children to spend less time on the screens and more time filling their minds and time with fun and challenging things to do. Children and parents alike are looking for games that will stimulate them but also be inclusive to those who special considerations. This is why we are pleased to introduce MasterMaze, a UK designed and manufactured game that guaranteed hours of fun for the entire family.

How Do You Play?

One thing families will love about this game rules are quite simple to play! One must roll the ball up to the start position. Using your own skill and dexterity to get to the middle, players must avoid the holes at all costs! Get stuck in a hole and go back to start. This is an excellent way to improve your hand-eye coordination and dexterity. It helps children work on their problem solving and fine motor skills.

MasterMaze is for Everyone

mastermaze retro

We love a game that includes everyone. From your toddler exploring MasterMaze to your child with Autism or ADHD, this game is so much fun and inclusive for everyone! We love that MasterMaze is:

-screen free


-challenges fine motor skills

-can be taken anywhere (great for long drives or traveling)

-great to take a break and have fun after a long day

-perfect for rainy days

There are currently two fun models: MasterMaze Space (pink) and Retro (Grey). They are the exact same track but different colors. MasterMaze Challenge can be personalized! This makes a great birthday or Christmas gift.

What Parents Should Look For With MasterMaze

When investing in fun and interactive toys and games for your child, you want to look for a game that is preferably screen free. Parents know their children are in front of screens for school and a lot of social activities so it is important to have time screen free every day. Secondly, parents want toys that are going to teach their children. This game enhances fine motor skills with your child and helps them with problem-solving skills. It is a great way to unwind. Lastly, you want something that is inclusive for everyone. MasterMaze appeals to all children across the learning spectrum!

When looking for a fun game that can go everywhere with the family, is fun, interactive and screen free, check out MasterMaze!