What would any parent want most during the holiday season? For the family to enjoy each others company and make beautiful memories. Mr. Holidays does just that, with their Roof Top Hop CD   and DVD!

Mr. Holidays’s is a children’s book accompanied by a CD and DVD that focuses on bringing families closer together through dancing, signing and reading together. We are very excited to announce that Mr. Holidays’s is the #1 Christmas Album on the NY Reverberation and #2 World Wide.Created by Singer-Songwriter Michael Sheahan, Mr. Holidays  is a series of characters, dances and songs. this is a fun activity for kids!

Mr. Holidays Music- What a great way to have your children stay active during the cold winter nights! Better yet, get the whole family involved in a Dance- A Thon! The Roof Top Hop Dance is a catchy, easy to follow, step by step guide to a great dance that your whole family can learn!  Children, parents and grandparents a like can learn The Roof Top Hop and dance through out the night during Christmas and New Years! It not only gets everyone working off all of those Christmas treats but teaches your children a great dance step and to learn to tell a story through dance. Not to mention, the instructors of the dance are roadway’s award winning Michael Balderrama and professional dance instructor, Jennifer Parsinen. Your children are being taught by the best!

The Roof Top Hop DVD/books- The Roof Top Hop (like every Mr. Holiday Story) is beautifully illustrated, easy for your children of all ages to read allowed. Have a slower reader? No problem! Just hit “pause” so your child can read at his or her own pace. Build confidence and have your little one tell you the story! How does Santa get from roof top to roof top? By dancing to the Roof Top Hop of course! Let the Roof Top Hop not only be in your Christmas must haves, but let it become a family tradition to dance to every year!