2013 was our first year and we met so many great bloggers, companies and small businesses! Thebabyspot.ca is dedicated to finding you the hottest maternity fashion, the latest trends, the amazing small businesses, the most up to date fertility information, best family destination and great blogs. We are committed to showing you what is out there, no matter how big or small a company is, no matter how popular or brand new a blog is. We want to be your one spot for everything baby. With that being said, here are our baby spot bests of companies, bloggers and information sites that are amazing.




FINAL LOGOunruly blue


How do we sum up Unruly Blue? Its very simple: They do not follow trends, they MAKE trends. Located in the UK, Unruly Blue is self described as “Disheveled Elegance.” Designer and Founder Samantha J. Taylor is committed to quality, craftsmanship and style. Each piece is designed for elegance and comfort so your boys can look great whilst being unruly. Are you the parent looking for an excellent quality suit for your son? Unruly Blue has the answer for you! For all of you North American parents, Unruly Blue will make its debut in early fall. Visit there website and follow Unruly Blue on twitter: @unrulyblue. We will also interview Unruly Blue this summer so keep checking back with us! Thebabyspot.ca loves everything about Unruly Blue!

unruly blue2

Little Lids




Who cannot love Little Lids? They have hard to find, unique hats that is not only completely fashionable, but an excellent keepsake. From fedoras to bonnets, Little Lids know their hats! If you cannot make it to Boston, don’t worry! You can purchase these amazing hats right from the Little Lids website. This easy to navigate page makes browsing and purchasing easy. This is a must have for any parent who has an eye for fashion and an appreciation for high quality head wear.






Designer and owner Hanne Synnøve Koløy had an eye for fashion since she was a little girl. With her trusty red sewing machine she created Mole, a beautiful clothing boutique in Norway. The name itself came from an endearing name her grandmother gave her and Hanne took this sweet memory and made it into a beautiful business. Hanne ensures that her clothes are eco tex certified. These pictures speak for themselves !




It’s no secret that the USA loves great fashion. As you travel from East to West in the good old U S of A, you find that the fashion varies considerably. What is hot in Miami is completely different in NYC, California and the Midwest. This is no different in children’s clothing. Little Trendsetter out of Santa Monica realizes that their US market has a diverse sense of fashion and Little Trendsetter has made sure that their lines have something for everyone! They understand that some people experience cold winters (they have trendy pagminas) and some states have hot summers. Their prints, colours and combinations all represent together what is the labyrinth of USA fashion. This site is a must see! They ship around the world so take advantage of this great site and keep your child fashionable with all of the latest trends!









Detail, luxury, beauty. Baby CZ is not only finely crafted clothing for babies, tots and children (and some selected styles for adults!), but it is also tailors to the comfort of the wearer. Creator Carolina Zaph has graced New York runways for fashion week. She knows what the modern family wants and she provides it. To put it simply: this is a brand that is not to be missed!

The Baby CZ Company was founded by Carolina Zapf in 2002. Inspired by the birth of her daughter Lily, Zapf recognized the need for simple yet elegant baby clothes and created a line that is comfortable and complementary to baby with an edited palette in classic colors. By 2004 the line had expanded into kids’ wear, and women’s cashmere pieces soon followed. By focusing on classic style versus fast fashion, Zapf offers simple designs that are beautifully made, serving both mother and child with luxury and function. Carolina’s philosophy for Baby CZ is that every piece should be designed to enhance a child’s beauty and spirit. Children should look their age and enjoy the clothes they are wearing. [She’s quick to note that children are the toughest critics: if they don’t like something, they won’t wear it!] The intention behind the brand is that these pieces will become treasured keepsakes, handed down for generations.   The Baby CZ line features the very best in layette: including the softest Peruvian pima cotton basics, mercerized cotton layette sets, and supple cashmere layette sets with matching blankets.

The entire collection revolves around breathable mercerized cottons for Spring/Summer; and heavy-weight wools, tweeds, silks and cashmere for Fall/Winter. Liberty of London prints and classic boys’ shirtings are a mainstay year round. Additionally, swimwear and snow coats as well as a full line of cold-weather accessories, will be found season to season.   Ms. Zapf continues to deliver a brand that is celebrated by top boutiques and celebrities alike. Her collections have graced the runways of upscale fashion shows including Children’s Fashion Week in NYC. Today, the Baby CZ collection is carried by high-end department stores such as Barney’s Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue. With the opening of her two boutiques, one on Madison Avenue in NYC and the other in Greenwich CT, the brand continues to expand its clientele and recognition.

Cover Boo Couture




Are you hesitant about breastfeeding in public? Not to worry, you are not alone. Cover Boo Couture has the answer for modern Moms on the go! The Cover Boo Nursing Scarf is just that, a scarf that can transition easily into a nursing cover.  Their are many different colours and patterns and it is both designed and manufactured in Canada. Cover Boo Couture ships internationally! For a fashion forward scarf that looks good and keeps your baby warm and close to you is a perfect piece for any new mom! Save yourself the time of fishing through those bulky diaper bags and accessorize with the many patterns Cover Boo has to over!


Funky Legs



funky legs logo



Funky Legs is a relatively new company but has exploded on the scene since its opening. Selling already to: USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, Belgium,Finland, Poland, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan (more countries to come) little girls everywhere love Funky Legs Legwear!  Whether its just for dress up or to have a fashion forward little girl, Funky Legs sells an array of tight designs! They also have pants,skirts and socks to make your daughter’s wardrobe complete! This is a site to visit to find that unique piece to the perfect outfit.


Jessica Burrell

We told you her daughter was cute!

Website: www.saveyourforkstherespie.com


At thebabyspot.ca, we love to connect with people on twitter. We found Jessica Burrell a month ago and began reading her blog. Jessica is like your friend, she shares DIY projects, moving videos and is very open about her life. Mother to a beautiful daughter, Jessica is raw, honest and open with her readers. She engages with them regularly on twitter, which thebabyspot.ca really likes.  Her blog is easy to navigate and whilst reading, you are definitely feel like you are getting to know her and her family. Its a nice blog to relax once the kids are in bed, have a glass of wine and read. Let Jessica be real with you, share inspirational videos and share her thoughts and feelings about everything from life experiences to her family. This is a well deserved blogger of the month and we wish her more success in the future!




The Over Honest Mum is more then just a blogger. If you read her posts you learn that she is passionate for women’s rights, politics and parenthood. Let’s face it, they often get intertwined. She keeps it real by talking about issues that matter to Moms.  She is a mother to a little sweet girl and she talks about issues that others shy away from to hilarious parenting stories. From how women are treated in society and to raise a daughter in said society to being “abused” by her adorable baby the Over Honest Mum is always interesting. She’s raw, witty, the occasional swearer, the advocate, the loving Mum, the friend. This is definitely a blog to visit and a twitter page to follow.





Corrine is a lovely Canadian Mommy of two little ones who has now located in Dubai. Her husband travels the world for his job and sometimes she goes with him! Corrine highlights the hot spots in Dubai for kids, her crafts at home and her travels (check out her Austria post!) She does product reviews, venue reviews (in Dubai or abroad) and shares her beautiful family with her readers. Corrine is a must read blog and you will fall in love with her charming personality and her keen eye for finding the fun stuff around the world for her kids!

Here is Corrine’s bio describing her blog:

Just shy of a year old “Mommy in Dubai” along with her globalista family, take you on adventures within Dubai and across the globe. Covering everything from baking, crafts and family outings! Originally from Canada, 27 year old Mommy Corrine decided to start up her blog as a way of putting her mind at rest during a somewhat stressful pregnancy with her second child. Through blogging she has found great support and made wonderful friendships worldwide.

Check out www.mommyindubai.com if you are looking for a great blog and a great escape half way around the world! Look for Corrine’s future post with thebabyspot.ca!

Jenny McGrath





Jenny is the alternative parent! This Irish writer has a wonderful blog that parents all over the world can relate to! Her opinionated no nonsense posts are for the parents who question the norm and seek to raise their children in their own way. Jenny is a proud vegetarian and is raising her baby the same. Readers can expect thoughtful posts, yummy vegan recipes and be prepared to question the mainstream parenting beliefs. Jenny articulates herself clearly and respectfully in her blog. She is fantastic with her followers and engages them in thought daily. This is a blog not to be missed (Ps. The recipes are delicious!) and Jenny is one of our favourite blogs!





Our guilty pleasure has been Bad Playdate. We have all been there, taken our children on a play-date that leaves us scratching our heads in amazement. Did that bizzare play date just happen? Whether it is an over competitive Mom or a crazy kid, poor Bad Playdate has experienced it all. She is anonymous, which we love and gives advice for keeping our cool with some bad play date parents.  She is an excellent writer and when reading about her experiences and stories, you feel like you are her sympathetic friend, listening to her hilarious experiences. She is calm, cool and collective and really knows how to paint the scene so you feel like you’re there. Bad Playdate is witty and makes us laugh. As a parent, this is a must read website. Don’t miss it! Visit it today!

Shavon Brown-Robinson





pinterest is shavon711

instagram is myioshi711

Shadow Shev

We can’t get enough of raw, honest  blogs and Shavon’s blog is definitely that! This superwoman has four lovely children and thinks outside of the box! Readers will like how Shavon allows them into her life and is a daily dose of inspiration (check out her 28 days of being thankful challenge!) She shares with us that one of her children has autism and can be a great support system for parents learning more about it.  This is a blog that must not be missed! From inspirational to educational to just a fun day with the family, this blog has it all!


In her words:

My inspiration

My inspiration for the blog was very simple. Marriage and Motherhood are crazy, at least for me. I found myself asking often” I can’t be the only one who feels this way?” My struggles with parenting an autistic child made me want to help someone else on that path. people ask me how hard is to raise four kids. my blog tells you. I also wanted to find a way to document my crazy, insane and wonderful family life and I wanted to invite other people to take  peek. So far they seem to like it.
About Me
 I am a walking contradiction. I am a cursing, swearing, god-loving,ballet dancing, hip-hop bopping, Anais Nin reading, reality tv addicted, tattooed, Prada and Puma wearing, PTA mom of four amazing, insane kids and devoted wife to an infinitely patient husband. I just don’t fit into anyone’s box.





MADinItaly has it all for the unique and trendy for adult furniture and accent pieces, but they also have the same for children’s furniture! We were blown away by the creativity of this store! Owner Nadine Curmi Borgomanero created a concept store that was offering various Italian products for the home.


The Fiat sofas are a great centre piece for any child’s room! The headlights could act as the perfect set of night lights for a child! But that’s not all! From cribs to bassinets, MADinItaly Kids has so many inspirational ideas for your new babies room or if you are interested in updating your child’s bedroom.  While checking out this site, remember, there is inspirational pieces for Mom and Dad too! This store is a definite must see!







From personalized rag dolls to hand knitted pram or cot blankets, Little Birdie House has beautiful, unique items that are a staple for any child’s room! Send your little one off to school in one of their adorable backpacks or give them a beautiful doll. These pictures speak for themselves. This lovely UK company not only is a great place to buy keepsakes for your children, but they are interactive with their audience!

We could have posted every item Little Birdie House sells, because each piece is just lovely. However, that would be a long article for you to read! Don’t take our word for it, check out their website!

Stencil Portraits





Henny Maltby is one of our favourite things on social media right now! Henny takes photographs of your choice and creates your favourite photos into a work of art! Located in the UK but active globally, families can make a keepsake , present and piece of art with this amazing concept! We can just picture some beautiful maternity shots with Henny Maltby. Visit the website today and order your personalized piece of art!


Play Away Case



Alexsee closed

With our travel theme in mind, why not let your little tot or child feel excited about travel and have a great time?  The Playaway Case is a perfect travel luggage for children. Its a suitcase and an entertainment center! Have your children entertained with built in games or have them pack some of their own! We love that Playaway case has an extendable handle to protect our children’s backs from heavy lifting. Some of the cases are small enough to qualify as a carry-on on an airplane. Playaway case has its Pioneers, its adorable little mascots that each have a story to tell. Each Pioneer has a exciting travel occupation and a travel story to tell. We think that young children will love to think of themselves as one of the Pioneers too when going abroad! Order the Play Away case right from the website: www.playawaycase.com.


Travel Destinations

Thebabyspot.ca went on a family adventure to the Netherlands this past month and we had a FANTASTIC TIME! From Amsterdam to The Hague, our tot was in vacation heaven. We went off season, so the majority of fellow tourists were dutch. Our one year old was spoiled by people of all ages! From teenagers to Omas and Opas, we were approached about our little one, given compliments, allowing our child to interact with other people. Her “thank- yous” became “dankus” and people were just so overly kind. The scenary of Amsterdam and The Hague gave our child so much to look at and the people were so wonderful to be around!


Our little one would walk around parliament in The Hague in the mornings and the beach in the afternoons. The food was organic, yummy and our tot kept saying “cheese, PLEASE!” for cheese. Transportation was wonderful and the trams make room for new Mothers. Everyone was so overly accomodating. Will she remember this trip at one year old? Probably not. But, we can say with confidence, she came back with so many good feelings and love. This is definitely a wonderful family vacation. Read more about it next week on www.thebabyspot.ca