Must Read Parenting Books | The Baby Spot

Must Read Parenting Books | The Baby Spot

As parents, we are constantly searching for the latest information about everything parenting. From unexpected journeys to how to handle the tough stuff, we have you covered with our reader’s most recommended parenting books! We will continue to add to this list through out the year because wonderful books are written every month and we want to provide you with the most up to date information.

Peaceful Parent Happy Kids

Dr. Laura Markham teaches parents how to stop yelling and start connecting with your children!

If I Have To Tell You One More Time

Amy McCready, founder of the popular online parenting course Positive Parenting Solutions, presents a nag-and-scream-free program for compassionately yet effectively, correcting your children’s bad behavior.

Discipline Without Damage

How To Get Your Kids to behave without “messing them up.” A must read book by Dr. Vanessa Lapointe.

Setting Limits Strong Willed Child

Eliminating conflict by establishing clear, firm and respectful boundaries.

From Monsters To Miracles: Parent Driven Recovery Tools That Work-

Anette Edens, PhD, shares her experience both as a parent and as a psychologist. She is helping families with children who have  addictions. In her book, From Monsters to Miracles: Parent-Driven Recovery Tools That Work, parents get the tools to recover.


Not My Plan: A Mother’s Unexpected Journey


According to the CDC, autism affects 1 in every 68 individuals under 21 years old living in the USA. Not My Plan is not only written by an expert, but author Joyce Yexley is the Mother to a brilliant daughter Amy who is diagnosed with Savant Autism. Follow this Mother’s candid journey, filled with advice for parents.

Baby Care Basics

When you become a parent, suddenly, things you have never thought about before become burning questions. When you don’t want to go on the internet for unofficial facts, you can turn to a fantastic book, Baby Care Basics.

Written by leading pediatric experts in an easy to understand style, you will get a detailed amount of important information so you can make the proper decisions for your baby.

Children, Mental Health and Self-Esteem With Maggie Lamond Simone –

Humor columnist Maggie Lamond Simone’s painful journey provides insight for the thousands of others who similarly cut, starve, pick, drink, pluck, purge, and otherwise hurt themselves in private in order to survive in public. She explores the issues of substance abuse, anxiety, and depression that commonly occur with OCD, all in an effort to further the dialog around mental illness and eliminate the shame, because “the shame . . . the shame is a killer.”

Wise Up and Be The Solution


We can all agree we want what is best for our children. Our children are individuals and require certain aid that a modern education system cannot provide.  Author James L Casale challenges YOU, the parent, to be the solution.

Reflective Parenting

You will learn from everyday interactions how to help your child reach their potential cognitively, emotionally and behaviourally. Reflective Parenting will help you understand the mind of your child and how to approach situations that you will most likely encounter during your parenting years.


Lose That Mommy Guilt, Tales and Tips From an Imperfect Mom

As your baby grows, so can a Mommy’s guilt. Author,  therapist, coach, speaker and owner Cara Maksimow has written a great book, Lose That Mommy Guilt, Tales and Tips From an Imperfect Mom. She shares her experiences that being an imperfect Mom is normal. She shares her own mistakes, or rather, lessons to help you gain your confidence as a parent and let go of that horrible weight we call Mommy guilt.

In The Line of Fire

From checklists to an action plan for parents, there is so much in this book that both parents, homeschooling parents and teachers will find useful to share with their children. There are also extra recommended reads and it is no secret that this book is well researched. It can be a perfect part of your curriculum or an ongoing discussion with your family.

To buy In The Line of Fire, click here.

Which One Is The Mother

What we love about this book, is that this couple are highlighting that normal comes in many forms. From crossing out the word “Mother” from doctor’s registration form and adding a second “father” to the trials and tribulations of the adoption process, this book is for all families to relate to. From adopting children at an older age, to suddenly being thrusted into watching your children’s sport games, Which One of You Is The Mother? can relate to all parents who want a good laugh at this wonderful and challenging life we call parenting.  You have to also visit Sean’s Big Gay Blog where you can keep up with the O’Donnell’s on everything parenting in Pittsburgh.

How To Connect With Your iTeen

Remember when you were younger, talking to your friends on the phone, playing sports, meeting new friends and going on dates? Maybe you joined a club or had an after school job. You got a hold of your friends and family by walking to their house or giving them a call. Now when you see teenagers, they do things a lot different. Cell phones, social media, apps, snap chat, etc! It can be a lot for a parent to keep up. We want to protect our children and our teens from the outside world, we want to make sure they make safe choices both in public and online and most of all, we want to connect with them, without creating a generational rift.

Authors Susan Morris Shaffer and Lina Perlman Gordon have parent’s answer with How to Connect with your iTeen. Consider this book a parenting road map.

My Picture Perfect Family: What Happens When One Twin Has Autism

As parents, we look for books that are going to make an impact on our life. My Picture Perfect Family: What Happens When One Twin Has Autism has done just that. This memoir is by Marguerite Elisofon and is a memoir about raising her amazing twins. One of these twins has autism.

The Parent Child Dance

Wow, if you’re looking for a must have parenting book for your personal library, this is the book! Authors Ronald Kotkin and Aubrey Fine have put their combined fifty five years of experience to talk to you about a dance we are participate in with our children everyday, The Parent Child Dance.

As parents, we want to create healthy loving relationships with our children and we want them to grow up and be happy, self sufficient and strong. However, this is a delicate task and we have to be aware. Wisdom and empathy fill this book as we work with the authors to strengthen our “dance steps”.

Don’t Tell Her To Relax

When we received author Zahie El Kouri’s book titled, Don’t Tell Her To Relax, we knew it was an integral read for many families struggling with infertility. Finally there is a great book that is addressed to the partner of the infertile spouse, to guide them through infertility and becoming a great support person.


Baby Poop

Any parent can tell you when babies first come, they do a lot of eating, sleeping and well, pooping. There is no problem finding all that you need about eating and sleeping. There are so many expert opinions about eating and sleeping that a parent can try different tactics with a lot of information and support. But what about poop? Though stinky, poop can tell you a lot of about a babies health. Author Dr. Linda Palmer has the answer, in a must have book for parents!

Family Changes: Explaining Divorce To Children

Every so often, a special book comes along that helps families become stronger. In the case of Family Changes: Explaining Divorce To Children, this book can unite families of divorce.

Young children struggle with the concept of divorce. Parents have a hard time sifting through the truth and what is age appropriate to tell their children. However, for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged children, its a concept that they just can’t wrap their head around. They do not understand why it cannot just get better, why parents can’t just make up and go back to normal. Most of all, children can blame themselves and experience feelings of pain, anxiety and fear. Worst of all, many younger children cannot put these feelings into words.


When we got our hands on this book, we knew from the tagline itself it was going to be great.  “Oops.” The one word no parent wants to say or hear.

We all as parents know the basics, we want our children to grow up happy, healthy and steering clear of bad and dangerous behavior. However, for the most important job of our lives, being a parent, requires no degree or training. This book sets to change that. Author Erik Robertson has more than 16 years of experience as a educational psychologist. He puts in all of those “what do I do” moments in a easy to read, understandable guide. Forget about the technical jargon, this book gets to the “meat” of parenting mistakes.

Kids Are Turds

Blogger Jenny Schoberl is the owner of mommy blog Holdin’ Holden and has been named one of the top 10 most funniest Moms on the internet! She is now the author of Kids Are Turds, a book with hilarious essays from this pooped out parent.

It’s Okay To Tell

It’s Okay To Tell speaks about Lauren’s harrowing years of abuse under the hands of her nanny and how with the help of her father, she has become a crusader for kids and adults everywhere who have been violated. Even if you come from a good, solid, loving family, these predators can lurk around and attach themselves to your family. It’s Okay To Tell and Lauren’s website give tools to parents and kids to see warning signs, who to trust and ultimately that it is okay to tell if you think something is not right or if you are being abused.

Baby Comes Home- A Parent’s Guide To A Healthy and Well First 18 Months

Dr. Paul is a doctor with a mandate, to educate parents and the media as much as possible about their children. In his book, Baby Comes Home-A Parent’s Guide To A Healthy And Well First 18 Months, he breaks down barriers with this innovative way to show parents that they can become comfortable in their child’s health and wellness.

A Survival Guide To Parenting Teens

Being a teenager is not what it used to be! The internet, cell phones and globalization have changed the pace of raising teens. Not only do we have to ensure that they are safe in the outside world, but also online and through text messages. Parenting teens can definitely freak any parent out, but you don’t have to feel that way, once you have read: A SURVIVAL GUIDE TO PARENTING TEENS.

The Princess Problem

Author Rebecca C.Haines has written The Princess Problem, a constructive book for parents who want to guide their little girls through the world of princess saturation. This book is packed with advice and real stories from parents, educators and psychologists (not to mention a few children’s industry insiders) to give parents the tools they need to guide their girls around the princess hype.
Because I Said So! Life In The Mom Zone

Are you looking for a parenting book that is truthful, funny and tells it like it is? Because I Said So! Life In The Mom Zone by Annie Oeth is a great way for a new parent or a parent to be to have a good laugh as you learn the ins and outs of parenting. More experienced parents will relate to all of the situations Annie highlights, so grab a drink and sit back, because this book will make you chuckle and talk about all of funny moments while raising a child.

Rhymes For Remedies

We recently were delighted to review Rhymes For Remedies, a fun and interactive reference and remember book to help with basic homeopathic children’s remedies. Written by Jackie Griffin Synnott, this colourful book was written for parents who are looking for solutions to common ailments of children.

Small Talk

It is a common misconception that a baby does not understand what you’re saying. In fact, from the time you are born, your little one spends their time studying your every move, from the way you make sounds to the expressions on your face. They are a sponge of information gathering little bundles of joy. Small Talk by Nicola Lathey and Tracey Blake highlight the practical tools to understand babies and help them develop speech and language.

A Survivals Guide To Colic

Many parents who have babies with colic have experienced those sleepless nights, week after week and sometimes month after month. They hear their child crying in pain and they feel that their is nothing that they can do about it. You know this little baby is, deep down inside, a happy one. They just cannot express themselves because of the pain that they’re feeling. Then, there is you, the parent. Exhausted, out of options, wanting to take away your child’s pain and wishing to just get one hour of uninterrupted sleep.

Some parents are told that colic, in fact does not exist. After a desperate trip to the doctor’s office, some let you know that their is little you can do. Author Jen Lester has been there and she has the answers with her new book: A Survivor’s Guide to Colic.

Finding and Hiring The Best Childcare

As a nanny since 1997, Melissa has been writing books about children. As a community advocate and a parent herself, she is well aware of parent’s needs for exceptional childcare. This simple, practical resource was create to take away the stress and to guide parents through the entire process (yes, from start to finish) of hiring childcare that is best for your families specific needs. From daycare to home daycare to a professional nanny, this book is or you.

Stress Free Kids

Childhood stress expert Lori Lite has the answer. In her book, Stress Free Kids , Lori highlights the increasing demands, technology, bullying academics and family dynamics.  Lori highlights how both you and your child can apply breathing, visualizations, affirmations and muscle relaxation exercises through out a stressful day. The key is to decrease your child’s anxiety and give them a more joyful life. Let’s face it, we as parents can apply these tools as well!

Baby Self-Feeding

By Nancy Ripton and feeding therapist Melanie Potock (Coach Mel), MA, CCC-SLP. This book provides solutions to help empower parents to create lifelong, healthy eating habits for their children.

The Attachment Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide To Bonding With Your Baby

The Attachment Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide To Bonding With Your Baby book gives you the proper tips to do just that! Introducing your child in a loving, caring environment before birth is possible.  Pregnancy experts Laurel Wilson and Tracy Wilson Peters have outlined each stage of development of your child and offering excellent expertise. The book itself is based on the principle that a parent can have the biggest impact on a child within the first few years of his or her life. Parents can connect with their child on deep levels and make sure that they are meeting their young ones needs.

The A to Z of Children’s Health

The Hospital for Sick Children has put out a fantastic book for parents from birth to 10 years old. The A to Z of Children’s Health is an easy, comprehensive book listing conditions of children in their formative years. Worried about a diaper rash? Have a picky eater? This book offers you tips and help with everything baby and child!

Dr. Jeremy Friedman, Dr. Natasha Saunders with Dr. Norman Saunders created this informative guide with the help of other doctor’s contributions. This colourful 400 page guide has a growth chart for boys and girls, clear photos and easy to understand graphs for the interested parent.

The Baby Signing Book

The Baby Signing Book’s Second Edition is out and we love it! Sara Bingham, owner of Wee Hands has designed a program to teach your babies how to sign.  Increasing a baby and parents communication with each other not only makes a parent’s life a lot easier but it also allows your child to increase his or her ability to relay information. The Second Edition of The Baby’s Signing book has 100 new signs!

Stay Calm and Content

Have you found yourself saying that you are not a good enough mother or father? Has there been a time where you were in competition with other mothers or feeling put down by friends? Does parenting feel like it can be so overwhelming that you are drowning and just cannot keep a float? Many parents feel the same way and Cat Williams has an answer for your parenting woes (and any other life woes at that) with Stay Calm and Content.

Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions!

When your baby becomes a toddler, his or her transition can be overwhelming. Your sweet baby becomes a rambunctious little human being, who is their own person and will do anything to prove it to you! Broken ornaments, tantrums and endless energy are just some of the many adjustments a parent must be ready for. How can parents enjoy the precious moments of having a toddler without becoming overwhelmed with “toddler troubles”? Why don’t toddlers come with instructions? Author Blythe Lipman has created just that with her new book “Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions”. It can’t be more straight forward then that!

The Blissful Baby Expert

It is rare when an author will go out of his or her own way to connect with their readers. However, every so often you have a great author who specializes in a field who not only has years of experience, but is willing to connect, relate and share with their readers. When The Baby Spot connected with The Blissful Baby Expert author, Lisa Clegg, we knew she was not only an informative author but a person who takes the time to connect with her readers. We were happy to sit down with Lisa, a former maternity nurse (who no doubt has seen it all!) who shares her wisdom with new and seasoned parents alike and puts their fears at ease.

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