Kat Callaghan Morning Show Maven and Mom to Be

The city of Toronto, Ontario Canada and the Greater Toronto Area loves to get up early in the morning. Is the secret a good cup of coffee or an overwhelming urge to get to work?  Not for these morning people. It is the insightful, energetic and carefree voice on their favorite station every morning.

The early morning is motivating because Kat Callaghan and her partner Scott Fox host the Morning Show at Z 103.5FM. This morning show brings the laughs, insight and the latest hits every morning from 5:30am-9am. Kat has spent years making sleepy people smile and getting them through their day. bNow she embarks on a whole new adventure as a Mom to be. She has shared with The Baby Spot about her passion and how she can balance it all!


Growing up in Acton Ontario was a great memory for Kat. This small town was a great place to spend her early years. At five years old her family relocated to Cambridge, Ontario. As Kat grew up, she had a drive to go into broadcasting or maybe even television so she enrolled at Conestoga College and found out that her passion was growing overwhelmingly for radio.

While in school, Kat worked in promotions for 91.5 in Kitchener, Ontario. Kat loved every minute of it. She was gifted a Hummer for her job to go to events and do the set up and tear down for the radio station, but she knew even though she had the best summer job known to teenagers and twenty somethings, that her passion was to get on the air. After speaking with representatives at 91.5, the program director told her to make a demo. He liked what he heard. Kat then worked from live cut in to doing swing news. She was climbing the corporate ladder!


Kat Callaghan Morning Show Maven and Mom to Be

Kat understood that persistence, passion and hard work will pay off if you stay on track. After networking, keeping her passion for radio and staying on the right track, a job offer came from 105.3 KOOL FM in Waterloo. They needed someone to cover a maternity leave and they thought that Kat was a good fit. She was thrilled to work in Waterloo and fill in for this maternity leave.

Kat Callaghan knew that if she was going to stay after this one year maternity contract was up, she would have to show that she was a valuable part of the team. Callaghan decided to prove that she was indispensable and worked hard to prove that she wanted to stay at KOOL FM. After the maternity leave was over, Kat began to cover people who were sick and this lead to a full time gig.

On the weekends, Kat took a job on-air with 104.5 CHUM FM in Toronto and would go back and forth between both jobs. During this time, she got her name out there to the Toronto market.

Kat Callaghan Morning Show Maven and Mom to Be

Kat had one radio personality that she would listen to since her school days. Scott Fox had met her a few times before in networking situations. Scott was a radio host at Toronto’s Z 103.5 and was looking for a co-host for a brand new morning show! He immediately remembered Kat’s talent, passion and energy and Kat finds herself as a co-host of The Morning Show at Z 103.5 in Toronto! Scott and Kat started in 2012 and never looked back, making endless amounts of people smile, laugh and listen to their favorite songs. Their love and appreciation for their audience and passion for the radio is what keeps them as everyone’s favorite station.

Kat Callaghan Morning Show Maven and Mom to Be


Kat knows that the way to keep an amazing morning show is to have a connection with your audience. She attests that this connection stems outside of the radio and onto social media platforms. Beyond the call ins and the emails, she can connect with her audience on social media on a personal level. She can know everything from what that song meant to them that she played  to how she gets people through their work day with her co-host, Scott Fox.

This is what motivates Kat to keep going and she continues to be a fabulous mentor to those getting ready for a hard day’s work. Kat is certain that there is “never a morning where my alarm wakes up and she does not want to go in.” That drive and passion to know that someone has worked hard to do something that they love. Kat serves as a positive mentor to others to go for your dreams at any age.

Thanks to social media platforms, Kat cannot just tell you, but show you about the latest from music to news to viral videos. You can be inspired and connect with her on so many levels.


Kat and her husband found out that they have an adorable baby due on June 8th. We cannot be more excited! But Kat is not like many Moms to be, because her job involves very early mornings. Let’s face it, you will never complain about your early wake up again.

Twice a week, Kat is up at 1:30 and even goes to the gym before work. Regularly, she is up at 2:45am to start her day at Z103.5. These means 8pm bedtimes, even in the summers when the sun is still up. At least we know that Kat will have no problem with those late night feedings, or in her case, early morning feedings!

When Kat and her husband found out that they were going to be parents, Kat took a moment to reflect how grateful she was to become a Mom. One does not “know when you start trying that you will be able to have kids.” This is a testament to Kat’s character to always reflect on the bigger picture and be grateful for every blessing that comes to us.


Kat has noticed that her audience has been like an extended friend circle to her throughout her pregnancy. The listeners know who she is and followed her throughout her engagement and wedding in Las Vegas. They know her husband and are now in the know about her pregnancy. Some audience members feel so connected that they have crochet something for the baby and she has got so much positive feedback!


The bets are in. Kat and her husband have a fun bet that we encourage other parents to be to make. If the baby is a girl, Kat gets to pick the theme of the nursery. If the baby is a boy, her husband gets to pick the theme of the nursery. We are so excited to say that Kat will be choosing the theme! She just found out that she is having a girl!

Kat and her husband are so excited to become parents. This will be a wonderful birthday gift for Kat (her birthday is June 5th).

Kat’s husband will be splitting the parental leave with her so he too can get some time to take care of their little one. We are so happy that Kat and her husband are exercising their rights to parental leave so they can both enjoy time with their daughter.


Kat Callaghan Morning Show Maven and Mom to Be

Kat is a radio cohost bringing laughter and joy to endless Ontarians. She is a perfect example of a motivated Mom to be. Now that she embarks on her new journey, we already know she will be a great Mother. We look forward to her journey and sharing all of her insights, laughter and moments. Check back with us shortly to hear more from Kat Callaghan! From Morning Show Maven to Mom to be, Kat makes sure passion and energy is in her every step. We can’t wait to keep listening.

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