My Favorite Color Book

My Favorite Color Book- As soon as your child can identify colors, they will be asked which color is their favorite. New York Times bestselling author Aaron Becker knows that there are so many spectrum of hues! This beautiful board book is going to show you and your child more than just colors, they are going to see a mesmerizing spread of inspiration.

A Beginning to STEM

This interactive art book enhances a young child’s sensory skills and shows your child a kaleidoscope of colors. These complex colors are painted in an easy and bright fashion. We have seen one year olds act with the same delight as older children and adults. When older children focus on these beautiful colors, you know we see them all in nature. You may be inspiring a future environmentalist who wants to keep these beautiful colors and the animals and nature in its perfect place.

What Is It About

Each page has colors in a colorful and bright grid/ some of the images are painted right on the page, while some are translucent inserts. Babies will love to feel and identify each color while other children and adults alike will be enchanted by the many different hues that are on each color spectrum.


Have your children get their paints out and try to replicate their favorite hues of their favorite color. Create a painting with those colors. What do they create?

A beautiful book for the one year old learning their colors, the older child looking to find out about the world or the adult who is becoming an artist.


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