WOKE A Young POETS Call To Justice

If you are looking for a book to inspire your children and inspire yourself, it is time to be “WOKE”. It is time for us to “megaphone” to our young world that they have the RIGHT and OBLIGATION to speak up and connected with injustices that are right in front of us. From activism to ableism, this book is the beginning of a new generation of woke children and parents alike.

Inspiration For Every Situation

Each page has a beautiful poem that can inspire your child (and yourself!) to either validate and lift up your story or to understand and relate to another.

Author Mahogany L. Browne with Elizabeth Acevedo and Olivia Gatwood create poems that are relatable, easy for children of all ages to understand and enlightening for parents to continue the conversation of being woke. The illustrations by Theodore Taylor the 3rd are stunning and bring each poem to life.

These poems will make your children fly with confidence and know how important they are to this world. This book of poems is the book of the year.

Make WOKE a part of your conversation, a part of your family library and breathe life into each word.

Extra Credit

Add to this book! Have your older children add their own inspiring poem. Have your younger children tell you why they are important. It is great to get into these conversations to see how your child views themselves in this world.