We were delighted to get our hands  on My First Book of Chinese Words by: Faye-Lynn Wu.  Chinese culture and tradition is rich in history, art and knowledge for all children to learn. What better way to introduce your child to Mandarin than to pick up this book.


Faye-Lynn serves on the board of a Chinese language school and created this book in an ABC structure. The words that your child will learn have common, everyday use. Each word is presented in Chinese characters; both simplified and traditional, as well as in Romanized form, which is refered to as Pinyin. Illustrator Aya Padron does a fantastic job of illustrating each picture so your child remains enjoys the picture as much as the text.


We loved Wu’s colourful rhyming script, which allows the child to remember each word. She has a way of linking each page poetically, which is a perfect way for a child to grasp a language. Whether your child is learning your culture’s language or you have a curious little one who would like to pick up on a new language, this book is a must have in your child’s library. Tuttle Publishing really outdid themselves with this book!