My Grandma and Me

There are good books, great books and books that transcend generation to generation. My Grandma and Me is one of those books that you will share with your children and grandchildren. It not only transcends generation but cultures as well and highlights friendship, love and sharing culture and religion with your loved ones.

Written by Mina Javaherbin and based on her actual experiences with her grandmother, we are taken to Iran where our lovely little Mina is cooking with her grandmother. Illustrator Lindsey Yankey spares no expense with the beautiful mesmerizing illustrations.

Mina and her grandmother cook together, shop together, create together and pray together. They wake up for namaz and visit friends at the mosque during Ramadan.

Love Above All

Mia has her best friend Annette and her grandmother. Both families get together so the girls can play and the grandmothers can chat and sew. Both Mia’s Muslim grandmother and Annette’s Christian grandmother pray for each other. The bond that is created between two best friends using religion to lift each other up is a lesson we wish the whole world could learn.

Mina watches her grandmother make chadors and uses them as capes for her imaginative epic space adventures.

In the book you can tell that Mina’s grandmother takes great delight in her granddaughter’s beautiful personality and now as a labor of love, Mina writes this book as a tribute and a love story to her grandmother.

If more people grew up to be Mina’s grandmother, where love is was dictates her every move, the world would be a much better place.

A beautiful story for children about friendship and family and a wonderful story for adults to show that family is everything and love truly conquers all. If you are looking for a book full of positivity, kindness and family values, this is the book that will stay with your family and transcend through each generation.