Your favorite family loves that you keep sending in the questions! Lakisha and Derrick Culpepper from Ask The Culpeppers are back at it again with another hard question.

Would you Share your Inheritance?

Our listener is in some trouble. She has found out that her great aunt will be leaving a sizable inheritance to her but our listeners Mother is very upset that her siblings are not included. Mom demands that 2/3rds of the inheritance should go to her siblings.

Inheritance gone awry

Derrick brings some wise words to our listener on whether or not she should listen to Mom or do what her great Aunt has entrusted. Lakisha imparts her wisdom that is profound: that not everything needs to be shared. Both Lakisha and Derrick encourage communication.

Do you have a controlling family member? Has inheritance helped or hindered your family? Let us know in the comments section below.

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