Natracare New Mom Must Haves

As a parent to a new baby, there is no way you have the time to look at all of the ingredients in each product you use for your little one and really commit to researching whether everything is safe. That’s why we are thankful that Natracare has done the hard work for us! This trusted brand for parents has perfect products for new Moms and babies and provides the safety that each ingredient is safe for your baby.

We received a new Mom kit from our friends at Natracare that we think is the best! Natracare is our trusted source for new Moms and their babies. Check out these two must have items from Natracare and why we love them for new Moms!

Natracare Baby Wipes

As a new Mom, I get nervous what kind of chemicals are put in baby wipes. This is a wipe that goes in the most sensitive spots of your newborn. Some of our family members have sensitive skin and it can be so sad to see a newborn baby react to wipes with chemicals that cause rashes, blemishes or sensitivity.

Moms and Dads to be may be surprised how many wipes react negatively with a babies sensitive skin. Thankfully, Natracare keeps parents worries at ease and protects your baby’s skin, while getting the job done.

Natracare works on three levels that are easy to remember:

  1. For the parent- making sure ingredients are easy to understand and making a promise to parents to use ingredients in their products that are safe.
  2. To your child- that the products will protect them and be safe for their skin.
  3. To the environment- Natracare cares about giving this Earth to our children a little safe than when it was handed to us. They make sure their products are bio degradable.

These plastic free wipes are great. They are biodegradable wet wipes that are 100% cotton cloth. For those sensitive skinned babies, this gentle plant based formula and organic essential oils keep baby safe and clean. There are not parabens, synthetic fragrances or alcohol. Your baby can be wiped with no worries.

The wipes are not tested on animals which means a lot to us. We want to hand this world over to our children a little better than it was handed to us. Natracare makes us feel proud about our purchase

Natracare New Mothers Nursing Pads

If you are a new Mom, you may be suffering from nipples that have been pulled or cracked. They may be tired from constant feedings and they may leak in between feedings. This is hard when you are starting to go out again with your baby. We love Natracare’s Natural nursing pads. These soft breastfeeding pads absorb nipple leaks.

Natracare is always ahead of its time and thinking about the environment. These nursing pad are compost approved, which means they are not leaving their footprint on this earth. There is no annoying glues, dyes or our personal pet peeve, perfumes. Many women are sensitive to scents and odors on products and we certainly do not want to put them on our breasts!

We love that the breastfeeding pads are GMO and Polyethylene and chlorine free. They are biodegradable and compostable and if you are like many members in our family, they are made for sensitive skin.

When you are in between feedings or you are just looking to get out with your baby, you don’t want to breast milk leaks. It can feel uncomfortable (especially in the cold, it can make you feel chilly!) it can ruin a shirt depending on the fabric and most of all, your baby is not hungry to drink your precious milk! That’s why we only trust Natracare for our breastfeeding needs.


Being a new Mom means we have a big gift, a new baby! But also a big responsibility. We have to keep our children safe. It can be overwhelming to investigate so many different products that we need to use for our children. That’s why we are proud to have natracare in our corner. They make us feel good with every purchase, knowing our children are safe and that the products do not harm the environment.