Every home should have one room where the entire family can hang out and spend more time together. A carefully designed family room will inspire your family members to put down mobile phones, tablets and notebooks and enjoy your time together. There should be a play space for the children as well as a dining area for the parents where they can talk with their guests or work for a while. Even though it sounds impossible, it’s actually quite easy to achieve.

Colors, colors

A family room should be a place where you and your loved ones relax; therefore, you should consider that when choosing the color for the walls. The best choice would be some neutral color like beige or white. Make sure that there is also plenty of daylight in that room. You can easily bring more sunshine in with big windows. If it’s possible, consider installing a skylight in the family room.

Keeping it tidy

When you have little kids, you know very well that you will step onto a toy at least two million times a day. No matter how often you pick up the toys, LEGOs, teddy bears and everything else, your kids will be even faster in taking them all out again! Don’t despair because there are many ways how you can incorporate more storage space inside your family room and make it easy for kids as well to find and store their favorite toys. One shelf with transparent containers can do wonders in your room and that’s just one solution. Mark every container with a photo of the toys inside them so your kids will find them without emptying every single one.


When your family gets together, there will often be some snacks in the family room for everybody. Also, kids will probably eat in a family room sometimes and all that means lots of crumbles on the floor, not to mention all the beverages that get spilled. That’s why you should definitely exclude the option of bringing a carpet in your family room. Choose some flooring that is easily cleaned, like hardwood floors or laminate. During the day, you can use washable play mats for your kids to play happily on them. Roll them up in the evening and store them away.


A family room is a multi-functional space where you can eat with your family or work on your laptop and still be able to watch your kids play. Once you finish with a meal or meet the deadline and shut down the laptop, it’s time to relax on your comfortable King Living sofas and couches. Make sure that you arrange your furniture so that there is plenty of space for walking, not to mention kids running and squealing happily! Also, think about ditching a coffee table and go for nesting tables instead, because they are easily moved and will enable you to get a bowl of snacks without getting up.

A place to read

Space beneath the windows can be used for so many things, but in a family room, it should be turned into a place where you can read while sipping your favorite tea. Put a window seat beneath the window, cover it with a thick cushion and arrange a few colorful pillows on it to make it more appealing. Your kids may also use it as a fortress for their games. You can put basket storage under the seat and keep books, board games and more toys there as well!

Share some memories

There is no family room without some family photos. However, don’t make the mistake of scattering them on every table or shelf. Once you chose the photos, place each one of them in a single frame. Before you put them on the wall, arrange them on the floor just so you would know how it will look up there. Don’t overdo it with the number of framed photos and keep them in one style, i.e. go with all black and white photos or print them all in color.

Chalkboard wall

All kids love to draw and very often, little artists don’t stick only to a paper. Admit it; you shudder at the mere thought of finding the walls in your family room decorated with their artistic scribbles! Don’t worry because there is a way that you can encourage their talent for drawing and still have clean walls – install a chalkboard wall in the family room! They will happily draw on it and once they grow up, you can use your chalkboard wall to write down your favorite song lyrics, inspiring quotes or reminders.

If you follow the tips written above, your family room will be a comfortable, stylish and playful space where everybody will feel relaxed. What more could you wish for?