By: Ann Murray


For parents, the idea of their kids sending text messages while driving is a scary proposition: Not only is the common habit dangerous, but it’s even more dangerous when you add novice and inexperienced drivers to the mix.

We hear it in the news all of the time, teens (and parents too!) texting and driving and getting into a car accident; injuring themselves and others. How can we stop the horrible habit of texting and driving? Agent has the answer with a new app.


That’s one of the reasons why the creators of Agent — a free app for Android phones — developed an innovative way to prevent texting and driving and ultimately save lives.

With Agent [], both young and older drivers are automatically shifted into “hands-free” texting mode without having to remember not to text and drive.

The app does this by intelligently detecting when a user is driving and then performing the following actions with no user intervention:

1) Automatically silencing your teen’s phone.
2) Automatically reading your teen’s incoming text messages aloud.
3) Automatically responding to incoming text messages to let the sender know the recipient is driving and will respond shortly.

Instead of trying to convince teens not to text and drive (something that is usually very hard to do), Agent provides an alternative set of behaviors that is simple and safe.


It’s best to stay safe and not have a phone at all while you are driving. No one is a better driver with distraction. Take away some of that distraction with today!