As parents we want to protect our skin. It is what we present to the world, it is that loving touch that soothes our crying children, it is those beautiful laugh lines that we show as we enjoy the memories we have experienced with our families. Having great skin means taking care of it and that is why we use Q10 Firming Body Oil By Nivea.

It can be hard to find the time to take care of your skin. Many women would spend hours a week on using oils for their skin, only to find that the perfume irritates them and that they are not seeing the results that they want. Nivea promises results and does not require hours a week in maintenance and care. We can attest to it, because we tested it ourselves.

Nivea’s brilliant combination of Q10, avocado (one of our favorites!) and macadamia to bring you a delicate moisturizing formula. You just have to touch and you can see the results!

For the brave Mama who earned her stripes from  having a baby, The Q10 Firming Body oil reduces the appearance of stretch marks. It also evens the look of skin tone. So many Moms find their skin tone is uneven after giving birth to their little one. Say bye bye to  blotchiness! We love that in just two weeks, we saw that our skin was firmer feeling and yet, it felt hydrated and our complexion never looked better.

This fun bottle was compact and easy to carry. We took it on trips and to the beach to keep up with our regime of skin care and we were impressed. We actually kept it in our purse!

Nivea cares about Moms. This brand knows that Moms want to look great, feel great but are on the go. So they created a product that firms your skin but does not involve so much time to keep looking great. It’s a balance we have not seen another company achieve. Moms should believe in Nivea.

From its great ingredients to its easy application, we ONLY recommend Nivea’s Q10 Firiming Body Oil!