We love beautiful girl names and one that is gaining in popularity is Ellesa. It is short, elegant, contemporary and yet has a traditional feel. Parents love that it is easy to say and spell and sound and others find it simple to remember.  We have the meaning of Ellesa, origin and will help you pair some great middle names with this gorgeous girl name.

Origin, Meaning Stats on Ellesa

Here are the stats on this beautiful and rare name that people just love.

Ellesa has two syllables making it easy to say and easy for others to remember. Here are some facts about Ellesa

Popularity: Never in the top 1000 of most popular names

Usually a name for a female child.

Most commonly found in the United States particularly in the Eastern USA. It is most likely found in the state of Maine. This name is also found in Australia.

This is a flower based name.

Meaning of Ellesa

This flower name for a girl is perfect. Ellesa is a name that is derived from the allysium plant. These resiliant flowers come in white and purple and are elegant and strong. These plants can be found  This strong girls name is perfect for a girl.

Popularity of The Name Ellesa

Though this name is so beautiful, it is not very popular. It has never been in the top one thousand girl names in any statistics. It is found mainly in the United States. If you are looking for a name that is so feminine and beautiful but isn’t so well known, this is the perfect name for your family.

Similar Names

Though Ellesa is surely a winner for many families, here are some similar names that can inspire you. They may sound the same or have the same meaning:

Ella- A French name meaning “she.”

Elsa- This religious name means “God is perfection.”

Eloise- This French name means healthy.

Serena- This name means calm.

Bella- meaning beautiful.

Stella- meaning star.

Lela- A French name meaning loyal.

Middle Names For Ellesa

You went against the norm and stayed away from popular girl names. You and your family have decided on the name Ellesa but you want to find the perfect middle name. We have some top middle names that are going to help inspire you. There are dozens of great suggestions! We have names that range from traditional to contemporary that match beautifully.

Amelia -This name means hard worker.

Anne- Meaning “graceful.”

Art- Named after the act of creating masterpieces.

Beatrice- someone who creates happiness.

Bonnie-Someone who is attractive or beautiful.

Belle- A french word for beautiful.

Blake- Traditionally a gender neutral name meaning “dark haired.”

Beth- Short for Elizabeth which means “Oath of God.”

Blair- Traditionally a gender neutral name that means a field

Brooke- A small stream. This is a great water based name.

Bexley- A outdoorsy name meaning a forest clearing.

Candice- This name means pure.

Carol- Named after the songs during the Christmas season. It is a Christian name traditionally.

Cecile- A French name meaning blinded.

Dee- Named after a river in Scotland.

Diana- This name means devine.

More Middle Names

Diane- derives from Diana and also means Devine.

Elizabeth- This name means an oath of God.

Evelyn- This name means wishes for a child.

Eloise- This French name means healthy.

Ellie- This beautiful name means light.

Ember- This fire name represents the flecks of ignited wood in a fire.

Grace- This name means elegant.

Gillian-Meaning a child of the Gods.

Glory- to receive honor from ones notable achievements.

Gloria- After the Christmas Carol prayers.

Hartly- A modern name meaning sincere.

Unique Middle Names For Ellesa

Harper- This gender neutral name means one who plays the harp.

Ines- This name is Spanish,French and Portuguese and means pure.

Imogen- This name means a maiden.

Jillian- Meaning child of the Gods, this name is beautiful for girls.

Jill- The short form of Gillian. It means child of the Gods.

Justine- Meaning “fair”, this name is making a come back!

Jacqueline- This name means “may God protect.”

Jacki- Deriving from Jacqueline, this name also means “may God protect.”

Joyce- Traditionally a name from Christmas meaning “joy.”

Kendal- This name means royal valley.

Karen- This name means “pure.”

Kira- Meaning black, we think this name is going to be more popular in the next few years.

Keri- This name means blessed poetry.

Kimberly- Meaning white diamond, this is a beautiful gem name.

Kim- Deriving from Kimberly, this name also means white diamond.

Kimber- Kimber also derives from Kimberly and therefore means white diamond.

Kylie-This name means graceful.

Lane-a passageway between fences. A great outdoors name.

Leslie- Meaning a garden of holly. This is an excellent plant name and it is gender neutral.

Linda-This name means “pretty”.

Mindy- This name means “sweet”.

Miranda- Meaning to be wondered at.

Millicent- German based name meaning strength.

Maize- Named after a beautiful grass in Mexico. A great plant name.

Mauve- Meaning purple.

Nicole- This strong girls name means “victory of the people.”

Nicola- Derived from Nicole, this name also means victory of the people.

Unique Middle Names For Ellesa

These unique middle names will pair well with Ellesa.

Opal- Named after the precious gem.

Petra- The feminine version of Peter that means stone or rock.

Queenie- Meaning “woman.”

Rain- After the beautiful rains that we have.

Summer- This name is after the hot season.

Stephanie- Greek and it means “the crown.”

Serena- This name means calm.

Sophie- This name means one who is wise.

Tina- A short form of Christina, it means river.

Terrance- This Latin name means smooth.

Tyler- This name means one who lays tiles.

Violet- This flower name is after the purple African violet, that usually comes in the spring.

Vicki- Coming from the name “Victoria” this name means conqueror.

Victoria- This name means conqueror.

Vanessa- We love this meaning, “Queen of the butterflies.”

Wendy- This name means “friend.”

Wanda- This name means “wanderer.” Perfect for the free spirited family.

West- After the direction on a compass.

Yvonne- The feminine version of Yvon, this name means tree. This is a perfect outdoors name.

Zoey- This beautiful name means life.

Zoe-This name also means “life.”

Alternatively, if you are looking to pair this name with another flower based name, we have some great suggestions.

Famous Ellesas

Since the name is still rather unique, there are currently no Ellesas that are notable at the moment. Perhaps that means your little one will be a notable Ellesa in the future!

Ellesa Name

This name is beautiful, easy to pronounce and not very popular. This makes it the perfect baby name for you to give to your daughter! It will always be remembered by those who hear it. Consider Ellesa for your little girl.