Author Irene Sposato points out that society seems to be obsessed with sex. From all avenue: movies, books and music, perpetuate sexual images for our children and ourselves to see. For those who feel that their is a “saturation of immorality in our culture”, Sposato seeked out Biblical truth and what it had to saay in the area of emotion purity. From that, the book, Nothing Gray About It: Emotional Purity Before A Holy God was born for those seeking purity and Biblical guidance.


We like this book for our Christian readers because there is a companion bible study included, so you are not just reading but understanding of why God values emotional purity. Our favorite section was how people, including parents, believe that the only way one can cheat is through the physical act. Many relationships suffer because of emotional cheating. It hurts the couple, the children and the friends and family around them. Investing your heart in another person with sexual intentions can only lead down a slippery slope. We are happy that Nothing Gray About It points out this issue.

With a full study guide in the back of the book and real life scenarios that you may find yourself in. Nothing Gray About It is your guide to getting your spiritual guide and moral compass on track! To buy Nothing Gray About It: Emotional Purity Before A Holy God, click here!