The ABC’s of the World’s Religions – Author Rev. Vicki Michela Garlock, Ph.D. has written a beautiful book helping young children (and some adults too!) learn about world religions by using ABC’s! In a world with so many different religions, this is a great introduction for the young and young at heart to learn about the beautiful beliefs that exist across the world.

How The Book Works

This is a very special book. Not only is it promoting acceptance, education and love between all faiths, it is also divided in a very special way. Using the ABC’s as a way to name important facts, faiths and more by letter is a great way for children to learn.

Additionally, on the left, the book has rhymes from A to Z. However, the right side of the book offers a detailed but easy to understand explanation of the word represented by each letter. Your younger children will identify their ABC’s and begin to recognize religion. However, your older children will be able to identify different religions and practices. This book is open, diverse, loving and teaches your children love and kindness.

Illustrator Raman Bhardwaj takes the words of Rev. Vicki Michela Garlock, Ph.D. and creates beautiful pictures. Together, children will learn so much more.

We believe ABC’s of the World’s Religions will help children big and small ask more questions and want to learn more about faiths and religions. This book is all about love.

Extra Credit

This book reviews several major faith traditions. Ask your child which page interests them the most. If it is a faith tradition that has a religious center near by, have your family visit! If not, look up traditions and recipes that may be associated with this faith. Try to learn more through food and culture is a beautiful way to introduce children to diversity, tolerance, acceptance and ultimately love of their fellow human beings. Today more than ever, this is needed. ABC’s or World’s Religions is not only a book, but a bridge, building bonds between different faiths and ensuing question, interest and ultimately, love. There is no greater gift than love.