Outdoor School | The Best Program You Can Do From Home!

Having children experience nature and all that it has to offer is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. The feelings of wisdom about the world around them and the freedom to wander will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Outdoor School books by Odd Dot creates an incredible program for your kids to explore the world around them and get involved with nature!

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Outdoor School Books

Outdoor School offers many comprehensive books, sticker books and guides to help your child understand nature. The sticker books allow your child to place a sticker on each animal or bird they have found. The outdoor school books allow your little one to learn more about camping, rocks, shells, fish, animals, birds and more. It allows your child to record what they have found and learn how to observe animals. You can also get tips and a general understand of each and every thing your child finds in nature. This is more than a guide, its a lifestyle change for your children! They will always want to be outside with their books.

The STEM friendly Outdoor School books are great for classrooms and homeschooling families. It allows a in depth curriculum to be developed around these subjects and gives the best type of education: facts combined with in field research.

Outdoor School Rock, Fossil and Shell Hunting

Open the door, then step outside and you have walked into your outdoor school! In this book, it will teach your children to read about each rock, fossil or shell and record what they found, how they tracked it and learn to master a skill. They would also record where and when they saw the rock, fossil or shell and learn more about it.

This book will teach you how to rock and mineral hunt and where you can find them. Your child will learn about minerals, mapping, the periodic table and so much more. They will learn about fossils and have a rough guide on how to date them. Inspire the next geologist, palentologist or excavator with this fun and exciting book!

Outdoor School Hiking and Camping

This beautiful blue book will your child’s guide to hiking and camping. Learn how to pack properly for the outdoors, planning your next adventure, creating and surviving in the wilderness.

We love how detailed this is for children to learn how to guide through all of the natural wonders that are right outside. The journaling experience lets even the smallest adventurer record their finds and experiences.

We were impressed with how detailed the book is. You and your child will learn how to filter water, handle extreme weather and set up camp! There are so many experiences that await you and your family.


Spot and Sticker Birds

This beautiful sticker book allows children to identify the birds that they see around them. There are over 400 illustrated stickers for your children to look for and place in the key. Children are able to explore their forests, backyards, parks or anywhere! Once you have found a bird, simply peel off the sticker and put it to the checklist poster. Can your child find all 100 birds? They will also have over 300 beautiful stickers to add to a project, sticker book or craft!

All of these birds will inspire your children to learn about bird populations and why they are so integral to our world.

Outdoor School Animal Watching

Find out about all of the amazing animals in your area. We had no idea that some of these animals were walking around in our park friendly city! We started paying more attention to the little critters and bigger animals that live around us. You would not believe who we bumped into in a park friendly city! From coyotes to wild turkeys it has been amazing. Our little ones even noticed a skunk family bump into a raccoon family right in our own backyard.

Get outside and record the animals you see. Don’t forget to look at animal tracks. We found that going out a few hours after a rain or snow, you can find some fresh tracks.

Spot The Sticker Plants

Wow, we never knew our child would know so much about plants! Our child can find and identify different flowers and plants in our region. Learn about what the flowers need and look like and how to properly identify. Your child gets to put a sticker on each plant that they find! Can they spot every plant and flower? Let’s see what they find in the city, suburbs and the countryside!

Outdoor School Essentials Survival Skills

Whether you are going camping, or going on a wilderness trail, you will be amazed what your children will learn with the Outdoor School Essentials Survival Skills book. Learn how to survive if you are stuck in the wilderness. Parents, we promise you, you will be learning as much as your children in this book. It is incredible what skills your children will pick up. Not to mention, this book is pocket sized, so it can be easily carried!

Outdoor School Essentials Animal Tracks

Learn the track basics with this hand held book! Discover where each animal is from, what their tracks look like and how big they are.  Learn the track basics, the front and hind legs and how they appear on ground or snow.

Your children will learn about stride and straddle of footprints. Find out what they discover and what animals live around you in your community.

Spot and Sticker Animals

This outdoor school adventure can become a hobby of your child’s for years to come. With over 400 beautifully detailed stickers, your child will find these animals across the city, suburbs and countryside. We could not believe how many we found in city parks. All of us have to live harmoniously with nature and Spot and Sticker animals encourages children to not only find these animals, but to learn more about them. It also teaches them to read up on each animal and learn their needs and challenges about living in their environments.

What You Will Learn

Teach your child to be wild! Learn about plants, gems, rocks, animals and birds. Find these animals and add them to your sticker books. Similarly, you can also get into conversation about preserving our nature areas. You are teaching your children, along with these books, to defend nature. You children will also learn so much about animals and what their needs are in the world we are creating. Outdoor School is perfect for the homeschooler, unschooler and school attending children alike. This is the best outdoor series we have ever seen.