Are you a fit person who has gotten pregnant, had a baby and is looking to go back to your pre baby energy levels?  America’s first female Olympic Medalist and Seven Time National Champion Marlen Esparza has created four high intensity total body workouts for the fit parent.

If you have stayed physically fit and are looking for a great way to continue to do so, Marlen has this fantastic DVD. Each of the four workouts are total body combinging strength and toning with a high intensity cardio. You can feel at ease as Marlen is an Olympic Medalist. Marlen attests that your strength, agility, cardio fitness and mental toughness will continue to improve.


The video itself is 55 minutes long with a bonus included. Trainer Mike Bazzel helped design The Power Boxing Workout. He has attributed to getting Marlen into fighting shape which has led to her to win various competitions from all over the world.  Whether you are a person who wants to improve your boxing  technique, stay active during the winter months or just continue your high level of fitness.


We personally liked the Boxing 101 Tutorial which is four minutes long. Anyone who has not received proper boxing training or would like a refresher may want to watch this in order to get proper form. Marlen is clear and concise and you will have no problem  going through this short tutorial before your workout. Since Marlen is also a motivational speaker, she keeps her instructions very clear and easy to understand.


If you are already physically fit and are curious about power boxing, or just looking to keep your high level of fitness, you must try the Power Boxing Workout With Marlen Esparza. Purchase this DVD here.