Aden & Anais

I have to start by saying I am absolutly in love with everything from Aden & Anais! They offer a full line of cotton muslin
swaddle blankets (that they are famous for) along with sleep sacs, towel and washcloth sets, dream blankets, issie security blankets and a full line of body care. Raegan Moya-Jones is the brillant women behind this product a Australian born, who has grown up knowing  that mothers in Aussie land swaddled their baby in muslin cotton. Desitpe the hot temperatures babies were always comfortable in this muslin because this material is so breatheable but can also be warm for the chilly nights.

When I had my baby shower I recieved a countless number
of recieving blankets so I do could swaddle my babe, but came to realize very
fast that I had a wrangler on my hands and escaped the way I had swaddled her
everytime,  to say the least they just weren’t big enough. Then I came across
Aden & Anais and the very first night…success! No escaping, it was the
perfect size and oh so soft my little girl had a great nights sleep. Yes the
price of Aden & Anais some may find a bit pricey but there are so many more
uses for these swaddles then one may think! I used mine as a nursing cover, a
shield from the sun while she was in her stroller and of course there were times
it was used to save my shoulder from the spit up.

Swaddlers for your little bundle of joy!

Swaddlers for your little bundle of joy!

I can’t forget to mention all the amazing patterns that are available as well! From pretty
princesses to the charming prince there is a pattern for whatever your style may
be. My favorite has to be the “moonlight” in the bamboo collection, wonderful
grey swirls and circles surrond the 47×47 material, ranging from $45-$49 for a 3
pack it is definlty worth the investment. These make the perfect baby shower
gift as well, new moms not finding out what they are having? No worries there is
a huge variety of gender neutral patterns to choose from. For those who have
babies that hate to be swaddled don’t fret they have great sleep sacs as well!

Aden & Anais swaddles come in either a 4 pack, 3 pack, 2 pack or
you can by them indviually but trust me your going to want more then just one!
For more info and where to buy Aden & Anais items head over to or come take a visit
to Port Hope ON and you will find some there!


Taryn Ovens


Taryn Ovens is one of two owners of Bitty Bambino Boutique, located in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. Visit them on Facebook or on twitter @Bittybambino1