Recycle Art Projects

Every family loves to create crafts. from DIY to being a craft crazed family, kids to love to create. With our children being more cautious of the environment, recycle art projects for kids are all of the rage. From upcycling previously loved items to recycling items around your house, recycle art projects for kids are wonderful. It creates memories between parent and children and you do something wonderful, you create!

About Sandy Sandler

We are excited to have Las Vegas Do-It-Yourself craft and home decor expert Sandy Sandler,. Sandy understands that families can be busy. However, they want to be creative with their kids! Leave the creative craft and home decor ideas to Sandy! This creator of Bowdabra has put together some fun green and frugal crafting tips. Whether you are looking for the perfect recycled craft or celebrating Earth Day, this is the space for Recycled Art Projects.

“Green crafting is a way to help sustain the environment while saving you money,”

Recycle Art Project

earth day project

Whether you are celebrating Earth Day or you just want to pay tribute to our beautiful Earth, you have to check out this recycle art project. This is one way to reduce trash and teach your children about the environment.

Here is a step-by-step Recycle Art Project to Celebrate Earth Day:

Just watch this video and follow these instructions to make the perfect Earth Project!

Here are the Supplies you will need for your Recycle Art Project:

  • Paper or foam dinner plate
  • Earth Day pattern
  • Globe Logo pattern
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Markers, crayons, paints
  • Scrap papers
  • Glue
  • Embellishment (optional)

Let the Earth Day art begin!

  1. Print and cut out the Earth Day and Globe Logo patterns. Depending upon the age and ability of the child, this may be an adult contribution to the project.
  2. Trace the pattern onto the plate.
  3. Cut the pattern from the plate. Again, this may be an adult contribution.
  4. Now, turn your child loose, and let them create their Earth Day art. For the youngest artist, just gluing the pattern to the plate may complete the project.


Plantable  Seedbombs From Junk Mail

seedbombs made from junk mail

Finding great seeds and harvesting them can happen all year around, both inside and outside. Plantable seedbombs are perfect to teach your children about plant cycles, learn about gardening and get excited about making the environment a better place.Here is a great upcycle craft to learn how to make a plantable seed bomb from junk mail! Junk mail is something we all get but not all of it gets recycled. This is a great way to recycle junk mail and give it a purpose that is teaching others and helping the environment.

Find Out How To Make Plantable Seedbombs from Junk Mail.

UpCycle Jump Rope From Plastic Bags

plastic bag skipping rope

Jump rope is fun for kids and parents alike and is a great exercise. Known for its excellent cardio vascular benefits, skipping rope or jump rope is perfect for any child.

Plastic is a big pollutor. It is everywhere and is used for everything. Plastic bags are a big polluting culprit. very few cities recycle plastic bags. It’s no secret that we all have many plastic bags in our own homes!

Have your children make an upcycle jump rope from plastic bags! This fun do-it-yourself craft looks great and is very durable. Your kids can use it as they would with any other skipping rope! Make longer ropes for multiple person play. Make two long ropes for double dutch. We used to have friends who would take an individual jump rope and jump into a double dutch skipping game. Three jump ropes! Can your children accept this ULTIMATE Jump Rope challenge? Here is how you put it together.

Recycled Creative Windsock

upcycled garden crafts

It is time to give your garden an upcycle makeover! This cool craft is great that kids can do it with ease! This recycled creative windsock will be a colorful addition to your backyard or garden and it will be made completely of upcycled materials. Here is how you make it.

We hope you enjoyed these fabulous crafts that you can do with your whole family! Special thanks to the creative Sandy Sandler from Bowdabra.