Remington Name Meaning

This name has a beautiful meaning and has been passed from generation to generation. Remington may have been a name that is unheard of years ago, but it is now in the top 1000 names. Find out Remington name meaning, origin, middle name choices, nicknames and so much more.

Remington Name Meaning, Origin

The name Remington is one of those rare names that works for both boys and girls and is also known as a surname. It is a strong name that means “raven.” It has an English and French origin. Known as a surname in English, Remington is one of those names that breaks boundaries. It is also a girl’s and a boy’s name traditionally.

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Nicknames For Remington

Remington is such a long and strong name, it is perfect for a nickname! There are many nicknames for Remington that you can use that your little one will grow up loving.

What is a Nickname?

A nickname is a name that is a term of endearment for your little one. Many cultures use nicknames either interchangeably or more than the child’s given now. Nicknames can be shortened names of the long name, so they’re quicker to say. Alternatively, nicknames can also be based on your child’s personality or abilities, like “Speedy” for a child who is a fast runner.

A nickname can last a few months or be around for the rest of a child’s life. A nickname is not something that teases the child or makes them feel bad or is a “put down.” It is important that a child feels good about their nickname. Nicknames are usually used by the person’s family and close friends.

Great Nicknames For Remington

Here are some great nicknames for Remington that your family will love for a long time.

Remi- A short form for Remington with a french origin.

Remy- This is an alternative spelling to Remi. This would be the English version spelling.

Rem Rem- a cute play on the name Remington.

Rem- a quick and easy nickname.

Emmie-  A cute and sweet nickname for Remington

Em- A  very short and easy nickname of Remington.

Ton- Another short nickname for Remington.

Ton Ton- A playful nickname.

Ming- A cute nickname for Remington.

Ri Ri- A very short and cute nickname for Remington.

These are just some of the many nicknames you can use. Alternatively, you can use a nickname that matches your child’s personality or abilities.

Middle Names For Remington

Middle names are a great compliment to the first name. There are many middle name possibilities for Remington. It is a long and smart name that can go with many different middle name combinations.

How To Choose A Middle Name

There are many ways to choose a perfect nickname for Remington. Some families choose to honor a family member or a close friend by incorporating their name into your child’s middle name. This is an honor for anyone to receive. Choose a family member or a friend that is very close with the family for a very long time. That way, you know that your child can bond with this very special person for the rest of their lives.

Other families choose a middle name for their child by combining the names of themselves to form a middle name. Others use two important grandparents combined to make a new middle name that honors both sides of their family. For example, if your child’s maternal grandmother’s name is Anne and your child’s paternal grandmother’s name is Isabella, the middle name could be Annabella for your child. There are many ways you can alter this to honor both sides of your child’s family.

Parents can also choose a nickname that has a meaning that matches with the first name. Remington’s meaning means Raven, so you could choose a name that is a outdoors name or another bird name. They can also choose a nickname that has to do with

Lastly, people choose a middle name based on names that flow well with the first name. This could be names that just roll off of the tongue when saying them. Here are a few choices to help inspire you into picking the perfect name for Remington.

Beautiful Middle Names For Remington

Brooke- meaning water or small stream

Brock-This name means badger.

Ainsley- This name means “the only.”

Brynleigh- This name has an interesting meaning, “burnt meadow.”

Cooper- Barrel Maker

Denver- After the city in Colorado.

Ember- A flick of flame from a fire.

Farrah- This middle name means good looking.

Gregory- This name means one who is “watchful.”

Harrison- It is a common surname but Harrison means “son of Harry.” It is, however, a popular first name for both boys and girls.

Iris- After the flower.

Jackie- This beautiful name means “God is gracious.”

Kenny– Meaning “handsome”, this name is an adorable middle name for Remington!

Leslie- This gender neutral name means “joy.”

Michaela- This name means “one who is God.”

Nichola- This name means the “people of victory.”

Alternatively, here are some great names that you can try with Remington.

Famous People With The Name Remington

With a great name like Remington, you are bound for greatness! These are the names of people who have the name Remington who are famous or notable.

Remington Schuyler- An American painter, illustrator and writer. The triple threat of creativity.

Remington Kellogg- Director of the United States National Museum.

There are also countless notable people with the last name Remington who are making a difference every day. Maybe your child will be next to make their mark on this world.

Remington Baby Name

This gender neutral name has stood the test of time. We see it becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Once a surname, it serves as a first name for everyone. It is of English and French origin but is spreading across North America. This beloved name will be perfect for any little boy or girl. Consider Remington for your baby name.

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