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The Mama Bomb wanted to speak about her life as a new young Momma in her twenties. She had no idea that her creative outlet would get so much love from readers! She loves a deals, savings and interacting with other Moms! Her website is fun, creative, innovative and full of fun and comedy. You’re missing out if you do not visit her this spring!

A little about herself from the Mama Bomb herself!

I started blogging last year because I was dying for a place to document my life as a new, “young” mom.  I’m in my twenties, my husband works long hours, and I wanted– No, needed a creative outlet.  I was absolutely blown away my growing success.  “Whoa, people actually care about things I have to say.”  I know how busy moms are, and I know that we each have different skill sets and talents.  I wanted to create a blog for moms with children under one who could find easy recipes, good deal, and some comedic relief.  I wanted to be the kind of blogger that people responded to and wanted to read while they were nursing or drinking a cup of coffee.  My hope with my new blog was that people who were interested the ways I save my family money or teach/interact with my toddler would have everything in one place and it would spend up their lives.  I know I’ve learned so much from other moms, I just wanted to share some good tips and advice.  Most importantly, I wanted to create a blog that consistently praises the Lord and lets mothers know, we are equals and should not give into “mom guilt.” It wasn’t until I became a mom I even knew such pressures existed for mothers, and I wanted to establish a blog that made people see no one is perfect.  As for a little more about me, I’m a Southern lady living the military wife life in the Midwest.  I have an 18 month old and I’m almost 7 months pregnant!  I’m a stay at home mother, I love photography, and going to the gym.  I’m a sucker for a good coupon and sale pairing, I read a lot, and love to laugh with my friends.  I use my slow cooker a lot, appreciate a good cup of coffee, and I love to make “old” things new.  I’m a blogger at, where I love sharing with other mamas ways to use their time most efficiently, have fun doing it, and always ending the day feeling like the

Origami Owl Designer

Jamie Bertucci


Jamie sells beautiful, memorable pieces for Moms and children to have as keepsakes! What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift one of her pieces would be! Hint, hint!
We asked Jamie to tell us a bit about herself!
Jamie is the proud mommy of 2 boys and has been happily married for almost 13 years.  When she is not sharing her love for Origami Owl Custom Jewelry with everyone she meets, she is the commercial sales manager & social media rep. for a prominent masonry distributor in New Orleans.  She first became an Independent Designer for Origami Owl in August of 2013, after being introduced to the line of customizeable jewelry at a Jewelry Bar (aka home party).  She was touched by the idea of being able to create a sentimental piece of jewelry and also fell in love with what the company stood for: “To be a force for good. To motivate women of all ages to achieve their goals and reach their dreams.” What started as a way to make extra cash for Christmas blossomed into a passion that has opened the door for her to afford to send her eldest son to the private high school of his dreams!  Jamie is now a Team Leader with Origami Owl and is focused on being a force for good through fundraising for various charities and sharing the Origami Owl opportunity with others.
The extended version of Jamie’s bio can be found here:
 Visit her and order her jewelry today at:
Eco Outfitters
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We love a business that has a commitment to being eco friendly. We were so happy to be introduced to Eco Outfitters, an online Canadian business that specializes in selling high end, gently used children’s clothing. Inspired to commit to ethical consumerism, Eco Outfitters has shown many people not only the love of great fashion finds but to slow down the environmental consequence of buying clothes and throwing them away when they are not needed. The prices are affordable, the clothes are adorable and the sizes go up from 0m- size 14. You can trade in your child’s outgrown clothing and Eco Outfitters Online has some great Referral Rewards. This business deserves not only has a great eye for fashion, but is doing their part in upcycling! You have to check out this website!


eco colour kids
We love the idea of getting our young children to express themselves through art. Painting is a fun way to bring out the little artist in your child. However, many paints have harmful chemicals and lets face it, many children like to get messy with their paints. supports the arts, but how can we ensure that the paints our child is using are safe for them? We were then introduced to ECOlourKIDS.

Laura is a brilliant Mom who sells these adorable finger paints that have no toxins, no GMOS, no additive and no preservatives. She achieves the bold colours of her paints from powdered fruit and vegetables. She also has a lactose and gluten free version available upon request. We asked Laura to tell us a bit about herself and her wonderful, trusted business!

I am  a single mother to a beautiful boy, who will be two in June. And the paints began due to looking for something safe for him to play with. As I am an artist by trade I was eager to get into experimenting with colours and paints as soon as I could, so I started making my own. I then researched and researched for the best food colouring and flours. ( I don’t use food colouring as such more a powdered vegetable) And luckily enough was able to undertake a Princes Trust Enterprise course that enabled me to become a Princes Trust Supported Business! It is still very early days and I’m working hard on getting my products known, but for now I feel so happy and blessed.

The aim is to have my paints stocked in some of the best stores in London such as Harrods and Selfridges. To supply schools and to change the way art is carried out in schools.
To make arts and crafts more accessible to younger children and children with disabilities and get everyone painting!
We are so proud to find our lovely blogger of the Month and this fabulous jewelry line and these eco friendly companies! What a great way to start of the spring. We will see you again in June, for the next Baby Spot Bests. Do you think that your blog or business has what it takes? Email us at and tell us about yourself!