The Search Begins


Where does one even begin to look for someone to carry their child? Perhaps Craigslist may be interested in adding “uterus” to the list under the “Searching For” section? I mean all I really need is to rent a uterus for 9 months, maybe a leasing program should be created? If you can lease a car for 3 years, why not a uterus for a mere 9 months?
At the suggestion of my fertility doctor I joined and searched a surrogate mom website.I couldn’t help but hold in giggles as I pictured a support group similar to AA. I imagined a circle of chairs of woman with myself standing up at a podium. “Hi, I am Colleen and I have been without a uterus for 6 years.” My circle of new friends would quickly drone back; “Hi, Colleen.” Being new to this whole world of surrogacy I was left wondering;  do I create a personal ad similar to one on a dating website? It asks for a name, clearly UTERUS LESS in CT was my first thought. I brainstormed quickly and made a quick draft:


CT Female seeks healthy woman with fantastic uterus:
Hi, I am a 30 year old woman from CT searching for my match. Must love children and carrying them literally for 9 months. Must enjoy backaches, swollen ankles, and gaining weight. If this sounds like you and you think you may be the one please contact me!

Instantly my inbox was flooded with women who were able and willing to do this remarkable favor for me. All one woman asked for in return was a signature for her daughter’s college loan, while another asked for room and board while carrying the child. While both options seemed oh so enticing, I mean what’s one more college loan to add to the pile I currently am the proud owner of? And surely my fiancee and I can squeeze one more person into our one bedroom condo, right??? Decisons, decisions….