Sharey Godmother

Shari is the Sharey Godmother and she shares because, she loves to. It is who she is. The feeling of sharing makes her warm and wumpy. But when Shari’s life philosophy is called into question, she doesn’t know who she is anymore. This children’s book is about the gift of generosity, authenticity and loving others.

Shari Is Always Sharing

Shari is always sharing with others. Not only does she share, but she makes sure you get more. When she sees you forget your lunch, she will give you half of hers, well, the bigger half. She does this with love and without praise. Random Acts of Kindness fill Shari’s cup and she loves what she does. She is good at it.

It is not until the other Fairy Godmothers become concerned. What if the people Shari is sharing with are using her? What if they are not grateful for her kind and selfless gestures? Her friends care about her. If Shari stopped sharing, would she have the people in her life that she currently has?

Shari spirals into a sadness. She doesn’t know the answers to her friends concerns. So she stops sharing and she is miserable for it. When Shari talks to her other friends, things begin to change. What is Shari saw her sharing nature from a different perspective? Can Shari find her true authentic self again and feel comfortable in her own skin?

Your Authentic Child

This book is answering some of life’s biggest questions for both children and adults. For those who are the carers, the helpers, the listeners, this is your book. If your child is an empath, a protector, a leader, a friend, this is their book too. Author Samantha Berger addresses a beautiful challenge that so many children and their parents face every day. Do I share too much? Do I care too much? We don’t want our carers, who bring light into this world to burn out. However, we also want to acknowledge the true meaning as to why we are the carers and listeners and helpers of this world. Why do we really do this? Your answer will pleasantly surprise you.

Illustrator Mike Curato inspires and engages the reader with the eye popping pictures. This book has such a great synergy of illustration and written word!

Extra Credit

Ask your young children what they like to share most and who they like to share most with. Their answer will pleasantly surprise you! Even young children have sophisticated emotions and are highly emotionally intelligent.

Ask your older children about how they show love and friendship to others. Do they feel that they are being treated correctly? What is their authentic reason for being a carer, listener, helper or al of the above? the answers will be enlightening.

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