Should I do an Outdoor or Indoor Pregnancy photo session? Answer: Both!


By: Andreina Toro

As a pregnant mom (not photographer) I experienced both! With my first belly I too asked myself: Should I do an outdoor or indoor pregnancy photo session? We ended up doing both in the same session! It was a very long day but totally worth it. But I must say that my hubby was exhausted by the time we hit the park!

So, for belly #2 I decided to pick my personal favorite location (for the outdoor session). I recommend doing one individual session per day, that is, if you want to experience both, then book 2 separate days. You’ll enjoy each session at its fullest and you’ll get to bond and know your photographer even more! – that translates into even better pictures since you and your photographer know each other even better.


  • The weather is not in your worry-list.
  • You´ll have perfect light (at least if you have a good photographer).
  • You can control the room temperature, so you won’t be cold, nor you won’t be super hot.
  • You´ll be able to wear exactly what you want without your hubby telling you that you´ll catch a cold or that you´re exposing your belly to the sun! (my husband had a phobia of the sun that I still can’t explain, good thing we lived in Seattle).
  • You´ll be comfortable and there are less distractions or surprises.
  • You’ll be able to take pictures bare foot and replicate those Pinterest perfect-picture ideas you dream about. (Additional tip: Use a gown / top regardless of the weather)


  • Sometimes indoor sessions feel more posed than outdoors. So if you need space to act natural with your other half outdoor sessions are the best.
  • The photographer will be able to capture moments without you noticing it. You´ll be surprised to see the pictures afterwards.
  • Mother nature always surprises the photographer, so each session will feel unique and impossible to replicate.
  • You´ll have flowers, colors, sunsets, textures involved that will only be true to that day, that city, that season.

The downside is that surprises can happen outdoors (for good or bad). Too cold, too hot, rain, too much sun, a bird, too many people in the park, a cloudy day, sunset earlier than expected. So if you´re a person that wants to have control of all variables and feel better when there is less unexpected events, go for the indoor session. You´ll have a blast and the pictures will be perfect – even better than what you imagined. A photographer knows her studio better than anyone, her magic will happen and she´ll capture all the perfect belly-moments using THE perfect light and props.

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