Six Pregnancy Side Effects You Can Prevent!


Pregnancy Side Effects That You Can Prevent – Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. The prospect of bringing new life into the world is one of the most exciting feelings for an expectant couple. However, it comes with some pretty annoying side effects. The hormonal changes in the body of the mother sometimes result in some adverse side effects and can lead to more than a few unpleasant experiences.

Nausea and Vomiting

These symptoms usually occur during the first trimester of pregnancy and since it’s mostly manifested in the morning, it’s referred to as morning sickness. To avoid this specific symptom, keep some crackers or biscuits next to your bed so you can eat something before waking up. You also need to avoid drinking fluids together with meals in the morning. Taking six small meals frequently instead of three large ones is recommended for keeping your nausea down.


This symptom is experienced mostly in the last trimester and at this stage. It is caused by low physical activity and accelerated hormonal build up. Pregnant women should make extra effort to perform some light exercises and hydrate. A high fiber diet such as vegetables, fruits, and legumes also comes in handy during the digestion process. Most mistakes women make include the use of laxatives. Though they solve constipation, they lead to loss of minerals and other nutrients the baby needs.

Weight Gain

Weight gain results from the collection of fats. Do not surrender to your increasing inability to move. Work out lightly, take a walk so your body retains flexibility and toxins are released. You will want to stay fit and nimble especially as labor draws near. Weight gain during pregnancy can also lead to varicose veins or aggravate existing ones. Consult with your doctor or specialist  to see if you may have some options to treat them.

Stress and Anxiety

These feelings can affect the fetus health very negatively, so a new mother should surround themselves with positive reinforcements. Active and happy thoughts give a pregnant mother a healthy mind, and help the baby grows as well. It’s normal to feel a bit of anxiety before delivery, but try not to be overwhelmed by the process.

Skin Rashes and Body Sores

Lots skin cells die during pregnancy and rashes can become common occurrences as a result. Natural skin cleansing procedures like scrubbing and exfoliations should help shed dead skin. The result is usually radiant and smoother skin. Clogged pores should also be taken care of to allow skin oils to keep skin moist. Body sores result from lying down for prolonged periods, so unless you are on bed rest, stay active and mobile whenever possible.

Back Pains

Resulting from the natural body adjustment of additional weight gain, back pain can be frustrating. Position yourself in comfortable positions when sleeping and lying down. Pillows can be of great use here and a massage or back rub also be used to alleviate pain.
Pregnant women should take extra special care of their nutrition and health needs. While side-effects are sometimes unavoidable, the mitigation measures discussed above will help you enjoy the natural process a little more.

By: Brooke Chaplan


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