Six Things That Can Make Living With Toddlers Easier

By: Anita Ginsburg

6 Things That Can Make Living With Toddlers Easier

Raising children can be difficult, and when those children are toddlers, it can be even harder. Toddlers are working on becoming more independent and like to experiment and find their boundaries by pushing the limits. But there are some things that can make living with toddlers a little easier.

Prepare Everything the Night Before
When you have to get yourself and your child ready to leave in the morning, it is much easier to have everything ready the night before. You can lay out your child’s clothing, plan what you are going to make for breakfast, and set up a plan for what you need to do the next day. Having as much ready the night before helps to cut down on how hectic mornings can be.

Give Plenty of Time to Play Outside
Toddlers seem to constantly be on the move. They have so much energy and when they are trapped inside all the time, they seem to just go stir crazy. Let them outside to run around and play. It gives them a great chance to get some exercise and to burn off some of their energy. A child often sleeps much better after a good time playing outside.

Use and Keep a Routine
Structure and routines are extremely important for children. When they have a routine, they know what they are supposed to be doing and when they should be doing it. We are all creatures of habit and when you give kids a routine, they will not typically fight against the things they are used to doing.

Consider Contacts Instead of Eyeglasses
If you wear eyeglasses, you may want to consider contacts. Toddlers are curious about everything, including glasses. When they are trying to take them, they will likely get fingerprints on them, and could possibly break them. Rather than giving your toddler the chance to consistently try and grab them off your face, contacts may be the way to go. Professionals like those at All About Eyes can help you decide what type of contacts would work best for you.

Reduce the Amount of Toys Your Kids Have
Kids these days seem to have too many toys and too much stuff. When there are too many toys to play with, they just don’t know which one to choose. If you eliminate some of the toys, they will have less to choose from making their decisions on what to occupy their time with easier. You can either donate the toys that you decide to remove or you could begin to rotate the toys. Remove a number of toys for a couple of months and then bring them back out and remove different toys to store. The kids will think they are consistently getting new things to play with.

Give Yourself a Break
Although it is nice to have a house that is always neat and tidy, when you have children it isn’t always that easy. Give yourself a break and realize that it is important for you to relax too and those couple of dishes in the sink can wait and your home may be a little messy. It’s ok.

Although raising children can be tough, there are some things that can make it a little easier. By taking the small steps, you may be able to notice a big difference in your stress level.