It’s the cutest time of the week where we name the cutest baby on the internet! Meet our cute baby of the week: JACK!!!


His name:

-We tried for 3 years to have a baby and our daughter was begging us for a little brother. When we found out we were having a baby she was obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas. The day my husband and I sat down and told her she said “He will be a boy and his name is Jack.” She was 4 at the time. For Months she told everyone we came into contact with that I was having a boy named Jack. The cashier at the supermarket, people are the gas station, anyone who was breathing she told. I told her for months leading up to our ultra sound she needed to prepare for a girl just in case but she would always reassure me we were having a boy. The day of our gender ultra sound she watched as the tech scanned the baby. When she announced it was a boy, Charlie jumped on the couch screaming “I told you it’s a boy! His name will be Jack The Pumpkin King” so Jack he became.


Birth Story:
– Dates are incredibly important to me. My husband and I were married on August 4, 2012 because it was 8+4=12. Our daughter was born the next year on 8.5.13. Our doctor told us she wanted to induce our labor and the only date available was 8.9.17 so it felt like a good sign. Labor was extremely easy and only lasted 4 hours !


Jack is such a happy baby. He loves to smile and play peek a boo. He is obsessed with his big sister and he always lights up when she is around.

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