SoapSox is a fantastic way to get your little one excited about bath time! We received Flounder from Disney’s The Little Mermaid and we think this is a perfect product for your infant, toddler or child!

This 2- in 1 fun is a perfect plush friend for playtime and yes, Flounder can come into the bath with your little one! This toy is perfect for a baby looking for bright colours/colors to stimulate them while in the bath, your toddler who is getting used to bath time, or your adventurous child who is ready to play in the water!

Flounder is also machine washable and dries quickly in your dryer. With the patented technology provided by SoapSox, a hidden soap pocket transforms friends like Flounder into a sudsy washcloth! It’s so easy, just add soap, lather and scrub. This is an easy way to get your little one excited about bath time. Parents can rest easy as the sponge is anti microbial.

There is also an optional hang drying cord for you to insert at the top of the character. After tying together to hang dry, Flounder will be ready for the next bath in no time!

SoapSox is perfect for a newborn up so get ready to enjoy!

SoapSox has really outdone themselves with Disney’s Flounder. We tested this product both on newborns and children! we found the newborns were stimulated by Flounder’s beautiful colours/colors and that they clung to the character inside and outside of the bath. At bath time, babies were interested in Flounder helping with bath time! Maybe bath time is not so bad after all?

With children, Flounder was a hit. Inside the bath, the character encourages even the youngest of children to learn how to wash and scrub themselves while being on an ‘ocean adventure’ in the bath tub. There are also many other Disney characters for you to enjoy!

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This is a must have for every household! We recommend it for all ages!