Have you been one of the millions of parents searching for a yummy snack that is healthy for your children? You are not alone. Parents feel they are losing the battle of giving their children snacks that are also good for them. Dr. Anne and Dr. Dave Stewart practice Integrative Family Medicine in Leesbrug, VA and they have come up with ABBA Paleo Bars! They have come up with an answer for you and your family to have healthy eats during the day. Know what is in your food with ABBA Paleo Bars.

Variety Pack

Parents who are health conscious want their children’s diet to be high in protein but low in sugar. ABBA Paleo Bars were created with this reasoning in mind, healthy food for active children. It’s hard to get the sugar loving child to try anything that does not taste yummy, but thankfully, ABBA Paleo Bars have something for everyone’s taste buds.

There are four tempting flavors to choose from!

-Whey Too Yummy

Abba Whey Pack


-a whey protein based with a choco nutty delight

“Pea” Is For Paleo

-Ultimate protein content and flavor in one bar!

Cuckoo For Coconut?


-this tasty treat was our personal favorite and was not only healthy but a yummy! We are cuckoo for coconut 🙂 This is perfect for the recovering chocoholic.

ABBA Paleo Bars are gluten and soy free with organic ingredients. There are no syrups, no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners.

We got to try each of the ABBA Paleo Bars. We found that with the current North American diet, one does not get the amount of protein they need to start their day. ABBA Paleo Bars are a perfect on the go source of protein that you need to kick start your day working, taking care of the kids or sending your little ones off to school. We also think that ABBA Paleo Bars would be a great way to introduce those into a more healthier diet and lifestyle.

PP Circle

Some of the facts about ABBA Paleo Bars are:

  • They are made from mostly organic ingredients.
  • They contain carbohydrates only in amounts necessary for the texture of the bar.
  • The protein to carbohydrate ratio is favorable.
  • They contain healthy fats, greens, and antioxidants.
  • The serving size is small enough to be just enough to satisfy without being too filling and heavy.
  • They are a great value!

If you are a business owner and would like to sell these yummy and nutritious bars at your business, there are currently opportunities to connect with ABBA Paleo Bars.

Start your New Years Resolution off early and get your family back on a healthy track with ABBA Paleo Bars. Buy ABBA Paleo Bars.