Stay Calm and Content- Cat Williams Book Review

Have you found yourself saying that you are not a good enough mother or father? Has there been a time where you were in competition with other mothers or feeling put down by friends? Does parenting feel like it can be so overwhelming that you are drowning and just cannot keep a float? Many parents feel the same way. Cat Williams has an answer for your parenting woes (and any other life woes at that) with Stay Calm and Content.

Cat Williams is a mother, a military wife and a counselor.  She has moved around a lot in her life and has spoken to hundreds of people about “keeping calm.” Cat has now published this must read book Stay Calm and Content.

Personal Stories of Keeping Calm and Cool

As a parenting magazine, The Baby Spot was interested in Stay Calm and Content‘s Motherhood and Parenting Sections. The whole book was filled with personal stories and excerpts from real people and how they overcame a plethora of negative situations by “keeping calm.” However, as we dove into the book, we quickly learned that each facet of our lives. Love, relationships, financial issues, self esteem etc, was intricately woven into how we parent. We recommend this whole book if you feel that any or all parts of your life seem out of place, or if you just want a friendly reminder.

Mother, Counsellor and Author Cat Williams

Mother, Counsellor and Author Cat Williams

Cat has a way of writing where she sounds like a knowledgeable friend guiding you. Other self help books that seem to give you strict instructions. You feel the calm in her writing.  We felt for “Andrea” in the Motherhood section, who realized that parenting is passing down wisdom and being physically present for a child. Andrea points out to let go of the idea of buying their child or what brand name piece of clothing they put their child in.  The Self Harm section hurt us deeply. However, through the “letters” from others, we realized how much they have turned around once they have received counseling and felt loved again.

Why You Should Buy This Book

This book is a touching piece that guides you calmly through life’s difficult paths. Its a great book for parents who may need a self esteem adjustment, or who just need a refresher. Cat does a great job touching on a lot of serious topics that many outlets are afraid to touch on. She guides us through them calmly and respectfully and offers some great guidance. We definitely felt more centered after reading this book. Similarly, the excerpts in her book really touched our hearts, as did her kind words of wisdom.


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