5 Reasons Why We Love The Pregnancy Companion App

Pregnancy Companion App – Being pregnant  is an overload of information for any parent. Information changes quickly and many parents (especially new ones) want to know what is happening to their changing bodies. Silicon Valley based OB/GYNs Dr. Jan Rydfors and Dr. Aron Schuftan have teamed up with technology entrepreneur Denise Terry to announce the new Pregnancy Companion App. Expectant Moms can get pregnancy tips and tools right on their cell phones!
 There are so many facets to this app that when Thebabyspot.ca was asked to test it out. We knew exactly what to do. We had our senior writer, Alicia Arseneault, mother of four and a little one on the way (we are so excited!) to test it out.  Here are her five favourite things that this seasoned mom loved about the Pregnancy Companion App and what she thinks new mothers would love as well.

5 top Reasons For The Pregnancy Companion App

1. Lots of Options of Tracking Health of the Baby and Body

We get lost in our everyday life, from preparing the nursery to attending out baby shower. The everyday changes make a new mom curious, and this app can answer so many questions you may have .

2. Detailed Information of the Babies Progress

What is going on in there? We often wonder what is happening in our bellies in that certain week or even day. New and seasoned moms a like will enjoy to find out what is changing with their baby.

3.There is an ‘Ask the Docs” feature

Users can direct message the doctors at any time. How comforting is that!

4. Topical Search

Alicia assures this will put a lot of first time Mom’s fears  and concerns at ease. We all are learning along the way, but its great to know that some of the symptoms we are experiencing are normal and great to know when we should be consulting our doctor.

5. Count Down To The End of The Pregnancy

A great feature that lets you literally count the days before you will be a new Mom. The biggest change of your life, the best change of your life.
The app is available in English and Spanish in basic (free) or premium ($4.99) versions for both iOS and Android.
Daily tips and pregnancy health news is available on Twitter at @PregCompanion or on Facebook at Pregnancy Companion

About the Creators:

Dr. Jan Rydfors, Co-founder and Chief Medical Advisor, is a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist (OB/GYN) who received his medical degree and specialty training from Stanford University Medical Center. He has a clinical faculty position at Stanford University Medical Center and co-wrote the popular Handbook in Obstetrics and Gynecology (known by OB/GYNs as the Red Book), now in its 10th edition and translated into twelve languages.
Dr. Aron Schuftan, Co-founder and Chief Customer Advocate, is a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist (OB/GYN) who received his medical degree from Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico and his specialty training from Boston Medical Center.  He has a special interest in using technology to empower today’s tech-savvy patients with sound medical knowledge and peace of mind.
Dr. Rydfors and Dr. Schuftan together have over 25 years of experience caring for pregnant women. They have a busy private practice in Silicon Valley, California, where they specialize in high risk obstetrics and infertility treatment.
Denise Terry, Co-founder & CEO, has more than 18 years of product, sales, marketing and business development experience from companies like AT&T, Microsoft and over a dozen high tech startups in mobile, advertising, e-commerce, cloud, social and women’s health. She is also a mom of twins and former patient of Dr. Rydfors.

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