Stop Telling Me How to Parent!


By: Rochel Ferman

The second you become a parent, everyone has an opinion of what you should be doing and not be doing from your mother-in-law to a stranger on the street. The fact is that it is the one thing in life that we are never truly prepared for is the unknown and surprises of parenthood. When we were taught about babies, they were cute, cuddly and slept a lot. The truth is babies are hard work, bottom line! It is a full time job that is 24 hours a day and is the most important job out there. You are shaping a little person to become an amazing individual one-day. But the reality is, when we leave the hospital for the first time with your little bundle of joy, there is no instruction manual. So everyone tells you what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t be doing no matter if you want to hear it or not. What should we do about this? Well considering there is no manual on parenthood it is good to always have one ear open and one ear closed. Every parent is different to the way they want to parent their child and maybe everything you hear you won’t like, but just maybe one of two things may work and be very useful. So even though we never want to be told how to parent and never want to be told that something we are doing could have a different approach, we get told anyways. So take what you want to use and leave the rest. There is tons of information out there with every person we speak to and interact with. It’s all a journey of learning; it’s the never-ending learning circle of being a parent. No parent is perfect and we will all make mistakes, so learn from other people’s mistakes not your own :). Happy Parenting!