One of our favourite designers, Zankhna Parekh, has some beautiful dresses for summer. Whether it is a wedding or just a day out, Zankhna has the look for stylish Moms.

Always Be a Mom, Always Be In Style


This Marilyn style pleat dress has a V neck, a full sleeve with a cuff button and a tasteful side zipper and belt loops. Perfect for an out for dinner look, shopping, or just a day in town.


This 100% silk polka dot regal dress is absolutely gorgeous for a summer wedding. The flare below the waist gives you that extra “bounce” when you walk. Show off your beautiful skin tone with this dress!


This sand dollar patterned princess shift dress has beautiful light colours to keep you cool during the summer season and is extremely stylish. It darts at the waist and chest for fitting and has a hidden zipper to put it on with ease.  Wear this at any occasion and change it up with the right accessories, this can be a out to dinner dress or a shopping dress!


Bring out your inner Grecian Godess with this sexy one shouldered silk coral dress! Whether it is a wedding or an exclusive event, stand out with this cool colour! We love the crystal detail at the shoulder, hem and sleeves!

Pair it up with these earrings:


For more ideas and inspiration click here and explore the always stylish Zankhna Parekh website!