The Alphabutt Book- This dynamic book is perfect for your little baby, tot or preschooler who is learning their words, and rhymes and want a few laughs. This diverse, celebrate books gives you the ABCs of baby butts and bodies. Your children will learn the ABCs with fun and humor, but this book has a few extra ingredients that makes it truly one of a kind.

The ABCs of Baby Butts and Bodies

Partnered with Huggies, each letter of the alphabet is on full display for your little ones. Sourcebooks partnered with Huggies on The Alphabutt Book and have an extra beautiful gift to those in need. A portion of the sales of The Alphabutt Book are going to the National Diaper Bank Network, a nonprofit that provides diapers and other basic necessities to struggling families. This book is already so special.

With each page, Huggies has invited 26 talented artists to illustrate a letter on the page. From Chrisoph Niemann to Vanessa Brantley Newton, each picture is different. It highlights diverse families but there is one underlying theme stemming across each piece of artwork. The love of family is ever present and these babies have the cutest adventures on every single page!

The Lesson

Your baby will dive into a wonderful display of inclusivity, learning and of course the hilarity of each alphabutt on every page. Older children will be interested in the fun language, beautiful illustrations and how each page tells a story. Your baby and toddler will enjoy the sounds, letters and captivating pictures of beautiful families. This book is guaranteed to get your whole family imitating the babies by dancing!

About Huggies

Huggies has been in families lives for over 40 years. They help parents not only with protecting their children with safe products, but even developing special diapers and wipes for the most fragile of babies. All babies deserve the love and care they need to thrive. Huggies has full information on all of their product listings and community efforts.