The Karris Family is a very special book written by ten year old Ruhani Chhabra to help children who are experiencing the result of a ‘broken family.’ When Chhabra realized her family was so busy, she decided she had to do something about it. The Karris Family was her answer to a growing problem experienced by families across the globe.

the karris

The Karris Family included daughter Leah, who is bothered that her family argues so much and wants to have the perfect family that she believes her cousins have.  As the story continues, without giving anything away, Leah realizes that life is not going to unfold the way she expects it to.

The Karris Family is not only a meaningful book about family, but a manifest for older children and preteens. The frustration, sadness and anger a child feels in their lives in exemplified in this book and allows children to know that not all families are perfect and that is okay. It is okay to have bad days and good days but as long as you love and honour/honor one another, a good family can overcome or get thorough any challenge. Children will understand that they are not alone in their thoughts and that it is okay not to have that ‘perfect family.’

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