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Sunflower Seedling



We love this fantastic store and we know that our readers will too (love those blankets!!)

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Sunflower Seedling came about when little Maya managed to sleep for 5 hours straight in the night. This time should have been used for mummy to sleep, but she found it hard to rest. Motherhood and being a first time mother left Rosie feeling quite overwhelmed. She was experiencing a multitude of emotions and started to feel alone and lost. When Maya was around 4 months and started to sleep for a period at a time, Rosie used this time to find comfort and solace in returning to her designs and art work. Within a few weeks she managed to design and make a blanket for Maya. As more people saw this, they wanted one for their children. Business wasn’t really a plan in the beginning, for Rosie, it was a way of focusing on her mental well-being.


Sunflower Seedling takes you to place that children only dream off. Creating little magical worlds as small as ladybirds and as high as the balloons in the sky.


Children live in this place and some adults secretly wish to!




Their core purpose is to provide babies with the aid of visual stimulation which helps them to make early vital brain connections.

Sensory stimulation is becoming more recognized, as we have so much access to information and research studies. Sunflower Seedling’s products deliver visual stimulation, but they also foster creativity, making language fun, developing ideas for healthy thriving and assist in ‘bonding’ between parent and child. Sunflower Seedling believes that every child should be exposed to a healthy amount of thriving in their beginning years. Their products are a good stepping stone to build strong foundations for their future learning. So like veg is good for your child you can say that these visual sensory products are too!


Inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design, contemporary dance and music. Their pieces will surely create a healthy environment for your baby and child to thrive.


Their products, all handmade and all materials from start to finish are sourced in the UK. They use local suppliers and manufacturers to support local businesses and are currently trying to support the next generation of the working community.


They currently stock blankets, which are their featured products. These are beautifully made and sent in a luxury gift box, wrapped in soft tissue paper and comes with two special letters. Their cushions are compact enough to take on the child’s many adventures, and will add that splash of design and colour to any nursery. And all the wall prints arrives mounted and framed (with the frames made in England), to add that touch of magic to your walls.


If you are giving a gift, not to worry, they also stock greeting cards, luxury baby shower invitations and yummy mugs for the parents too!


Sunflower Seedling was founded by Rosie Antunes. Rosie is a mother (to a two and half year old little discoverer), she is a designer and artist (studying and working in this area for 20 years), a yoga enthusiast, aspiring leader, and likes to drink a copious amount of Earl grey tea!







We know our readers are going to love Lulibox as much as we do! We are so thankful to be introduced to this great Mom and her business!

When I was pregnant with Luli, I was working 50 hours a week, I had no time to prepare. My friends sent me the most enormous loss of new baby must haves that were overwhelming and scary! Even going into buy buy baby freaked me out! After I brought Luli home, I felt so defeated when I came home, I had no idea what I needed for her, how to care for her, what to dress her in, what bottle to use! I sent my husband back to Buy Buy Baby he came back with ONE OF EVERYTHING. Needless to say he spent tons of money on things we didn’t need and couldn’t afford. I I shed be process could be simpler! I finally got into a good groove after a few months, and felt I needed to share with other moms how little you really need for the first days at home. So….I created LuliBox, a box of 10 must haves for mommy’s first days at home with baby.


The box contains items for feeding, washing, and clothing and is not only functional but super cool. It has helped hundreds of families because it pin points exactly what baby needs!


We also include some special treats for mommy. Gift certificate to Barley and Oats (cookies and meals that promote Lactation), a gift certificate to Baby Blanket music, certificate to Phat Buddha, and other surprise goodies!


We have a girl, boy, and gender neutral version.

More info on www.lulibox.com!


Mom of The Month: Lauren Lucille




Lauren Lucille is a Mom of 2 boys, a singer and the owner of Daily Parent Tip, a great site full of tips for parents. Her Twitter page alone is full of such great advice. Check out Lauren and be sure to follower her on

all of her social media channels! You will learn some amazing parenting tips and meet a great community of parents along the way.