March is here and the year is already flying by! We are excited to introduce you to some of these great businesses and a wonderful blogger of the month just in time for spring to begin!
Sun 7 Designs
sun7 1
Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift or a priceless present for your newborn? Sun 7 Designs creates customized baby blankets for your baby! Whether you would like a birth date of your child in a blanket or their name, Sun 7 Designs will happily oblige.
 These blankets are for keepsakes and everyday use!  They are perfect for display to commemorate your baby entering your wonderful family!
sun 7 designs 3
Sun 7 Designs allows customers to choose the fabric colors/colours, designs and the option of personalizing each blanket. Each fabric is from top quality North American designers. Sun 7 Designs has over 25,000 design files. You can have any blanket you like!
sun 7 designs 2
Sun 7 Designs is one of a kind! The blanket of your choice can be the center piece of a child’s room and a perfect keepsake for your child as he or she grows. To purchase your very own customized blanket by Sun 7 Designs, click here.

Dream Frenz

dream frenz1




Dream Frenz was started by mom-entrepreneur Halie Fulton, and draws on the inspiration from Halie’s oldest daughter’s childhood drawings of playful characters with big heads and tiny bodies.

These adorable little friends make a perfect pillow or toy for your child! Whether your child is looking for a comfortable pillow or a snuggle toy, Dream Frenz is made by a Mom for kids!

dream frenz1

Check out the beautiful bows on Brittany or the cute cap on Ben. These pillows are safe, so cozy and completely adorable! They would be the perfect focal point for parents looking for a fun piece for their child’s bedroom.

With so many friends to choose from, why not try to collect them all? (It’s a hard choice but we like Marlin the Moon). We love Dream Frenz and they will be a hit for your children!

dream frenz 3

To buy a Dream Frenz, click here!


Blogger of The Month: Diversity Dad
Jama’l Chukueke knows what it is like to be a Dad to the fullest. His informative blog, Diversity Dad is everything parents are looking for. He has an informative podcast, a  list of resources and of course, a blog!
This raw, honest and informative blog has the perfect tag line: “Being A Dad is hard, so let’s learn together!” Jama’l is representing a growing population of Dad bloggers and readers who want resources, blogs and accounts that help them be the best parent they can be.
Check out this informative post about being a Dad and social media or the struggle for Dads. Jama’l does not shy away from topics such as divorce and gives such informative tips on how to support your children.
Let’s face it, this blog is going to be HUGE this year. We only see big things for Jama’l, his podcast and his blog. Moms and Dads alike will get everything they want in a parenting blog, someone who tells it like it is, someone who speaks about honest, relatable parenting topics and someone who knows what you’re going through, because he is a Dad. Keep up the great work Jama’l!
The Diaper Architect
diaper 6
Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift or that ‘just because’ for your favorite newborn? Be the hit of the party and give a gift that will help new parents (and babies) out so much with the creative designs of The Architect.
diaper 5
This Canadian business is making waves with new parents! From popular characters to classic designs, give the gift of creativity (and diapers) with these beautiful designs. We can’t gush enough about the giraffe design! How cute are those ears? Each piece of these diaper creations can be used for baby. Say ‘Congratulations’ with a huge STATEMENT. Email the Diaper Architect today!
Tell us how you came up with your business idea…
This is on ongoing process with me, at my core I need a creative outlet to keep my mind balanced and want to bring joy to people to keep my soul balanced. Additional, since I was a little girl I always wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and own a business. I enjoy challenging myself to create and/or complete different projects; however, like so many other people I speak with and hear about I was not sure how to manifest my passion into a business.
diaper 4
One year my husband’s Aunt wanted to get a special gift for her son and daughter in-law who were expecting their first child. We were chatting and she wanted to give something unique and fun for this blessed occasion. Fun and unique- That is my cup of tea! She showed me a few diaper cakes that she liked but she wanted to incorporate planes (her son is a pilot) and animals (baby shower theme)- I had an idea! Liking challenges, I said, let me try to put something together and see if you like it. At that time there was no name but 1 large giraffe and 2 airplane creations later this was the birth of what is now called “The Diaper Architect”
How does your business help families?
My goal is to bring a smile to parents faces by providing a unique product that although can be kept as a keepsake or baby room décor it can also be used for supplies to help out in those first years with diapers and other necessities (i.e. wash clothes, pacifiers etc.)

diaper 3

Taking diapers to the next level, I use diapers and other baby related products- wrap, fold, build, link and pin them together to create animals and other objects. I do not cut the diapers or glue them together so, 90-100% of the products, depending on the creation, can be safely reused. I create each one by hand so they are unique and can customize approximate size, colours and objects to incorporate into each creation.

There are premade creations or we can work together to create something new!

Be sure to email The Diaper Architect for your diaper gift needs!



We found some incredible people and businesses from around the world. We can’t wait to see what The Baby Spot Bests in April has in store!