30 Upbeat And Mellow Songs For My Labour Playlist

Making A “Mixtape”

The Time Magazine recently published an article about Spotify releases birthing playlist which gave me the idea to make my own “mix tape”. It’s not only fun (I always liked to make “best of” lists in my head, like in High Fidelity) and gives you the satisfaction of doing some preparation for when in labour, but it could work as your last resort: no labour goes according to the plans, so it’s good to have something reassuring which will make you feel in control. So go for it, you won’t regret it 🙂

Researches say that your favourite music will help you to relax and will charge up your energy. I also have some friends with experience: they all agreed on the benefits of music. Prepare maybe 2 or more lists as your mood will definitely influence what music you’d like to listen to. For example you might enjoy lyrics normally, but when in labour, you might just want to focus on the melody. Or songs you normally like can suddenly become annoying. They don’t have to be baby themed either.

Two Genre Labour Playlist Plans

I have 2 plans: one is to prepare an upbeat and a mellow playlist with my favourite but still birthing room compatible songs. (So probably no to Custard Pie from Led Zeppelin and kinds.) The other is just to take my Cafe del Mar and Buddha Bar collection and see what happens.

So, here are my two playlists. Now, I’m not into contemporary music. To be honest, I can’t tell a Taylor Swift song apart from a Katie Perry song. But I can identify Tom Petty’s or Nico’s singing voice anytime. My lists reflect my music taste and I’m pretty sure my favourite music will make me feel better and stronger as they always do. They are quite reliable 🙂 Some lyrics are actually quite labour room friendly, not to mention Get Around from Beach Boys as soundtrack of Look Who’s Talking. (The whole soundrack album is quite good as a labour playlist.)

Upbeat Playlist:30 Upbeat And Mellow Songs For My Labour Playlist

  1. Fleetwood Mac: Don’t Stop
  2. The Rolling Stones: Get Off Of My Cloud
  3. Beach Boys: Get Around
  4. Elton John: I’m Still Standing
  5. David Bowie: Modern Love
  6. Queen: Under Pressure
  7. Diana Ross: I’m Coming Out
  8. Supremes: Baby Love
  9. The Four Tops: I’ll Be There
  10. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terell: Ain’t No Mountain High
  11. The Beatles: Two Of Us
  12. Bob Marley: Is This Love
  13. Steve Miller And Band: Serenade
  14. Earth, Wind and Fire: Boogie Wonderland
  15. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Mellow Playlist:

  1. Elton John: Your Song
  2. Cindy Lauper: True Colours
  3. Bob Marley: 3 Little Birds
  4. Kinks: Strangers
  5. Cat Stevens: Father And Son
  6. Tom Petty: Free Falling
  7. John Lennon: Beautiful Boy
  8. Simon And Garfunkel: April
  9. Leon Russel: Hummingbird
  10. The Cure: Lullaby
  11. Velvet Underground And Nico: I’ll Be Your Mirror
  12. Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
  13. The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun
  14. Frank Sinatra: That’s Life
  15. Ella Fitzgerald: Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Let me know in comments, what songs would make it to your playlist!