August has been such a great month and now we are back to school with September! is now doing a Tweetback Tuesday article every week, where we ask our audience questions and put their answers and their name in our article. Its been a fun way to be interactive with all of you because we firmly believe that it is you, the readers that make this magazine.

With that said, lets ring in September with some great companies and bloggers that not only provide an excellent blog and/or stores, but interact with their audience regularly; ensuring that you get the most out of your experience! Our Baby Spot Bests are from Santa Monica, USA, The UK and Dubai, UAE.





From personalized rag dolls to hand knitted pram or cot blankets, Little Birdie House has beautiful, unique items that are a staple for any child’s room! Send your little one off to school in one of their adorable backpacks or give them a beautiful doll. These pictures speak for themselves. This lovely UK company not only is a great place to buy keepsakes for your children, but they are interactive with their audience!

We could have posted every item Little Birdie House sells, because each piece is just lovely. However, that would be a long article for you to read! Don’t take our word for it, check out their website!







It’s no secret that the USA loves great fashion. As you travel from East to West in the good old U S of A, you find that the fashion varies considerably. What is hot in Miami is completely different in NYC, California and the Midwest. This is no different in children’s clothing. Little Trendsetter out of Santa Monica realizes that their US market has a diverse sense of fashion and Little Trendsetter has made sure that their lines have something for everyone! They understand that some people experience cold winters (they have trendy pagminas) and some states have hot summers. Their prints, colours and combinations all represent together what is the labyrinth of USA fashion. This site is a must see! They ship around the world so take advantage of this great site and keep your child fashionable with all of the latest trends!







Corrine is a lovely Canadian Mommy of two little ones who has now located in Dubai. Her husband travels the world for his job and sometimes she goes with him! Corrine highlights the hot spots in Dubai for kids, her crafts at home and her travels (check out her Austria post!) She does product reviews, venue reviews (in Dubai or abroad) and shares her beautiful family with her readers. Corrine is a must read blog and you will fall in love with her charming personality and her keen eye for finding the fun stuff around the world for her kids!

Here is Corrine’s bio describing her blog:

Just shy of a year old “Mommy in Dubai” along with her globalista family, take you on adventures within Dubai and across the globe. Covering everything from baking, crafts and family outings! Originally from Canada, 27 year old Mommy Corrine decided to start up her blog as a way of putting her mind at rest during a somewhat stressful pregnancy with her second child. Through blogging she has found great support and made wonderful friendships worldwide.

Check out if you are looking for a great blog and a great escape half way around the world! Look for Corrine’s future post with!


We had a great month with a wonderful blogger and two excellent stores that cannot be missed! We are happy to share our finds with you this month, just in time for back to school! Be sure to visit Little Trend Setter, Little Birdie House and Mommy in Dubai!


Until next month with more great finds!