The Best Dollar Tree Cricut Supplies

The best Cricut craft Dollar Tree Supplies. Cricut projects are my new passion. Ideas that I have had for years can now come true, saving me time, money and really letting my creative juices shine. I love looking at DIY projects that my friends and family have created and admiring how cool everything is.

If you are like many people, you want to create something great but also within your budget. There are so many things a creative mind can make. From wedding favors to baby shower decorations to things just for you and your family, your Cricut can really make your creations keepsakes.

We always want a gift to be not only enjoyed but remembered for a long time when we give it to someone. We also want to stay in budget so we are making wise investments. Everyone loves the Dollar Tree for so many of their great finds. Here are some of our favorite finds that are budget friendly and will help you make some really great crafts!

Tee Shirts

The Dollar Tree has now many new tee shirts that are just waiting for your personal design. Your Cricut can easily design the perfect shirt for you and you only have to pay $1.50 per tee shirt! With all sizes available and a range of colors, this is a great idea for all Criciters.


Decorative Plates- The Best Cricut Craft Dollar Tree Supplies

cricut plate craft dollar tree

We were pleasantly surprised to find these decorative, colorful and trendy plates and bowls at the Dollar Tree for only $1.25 each. With your Cricut, you can design that perfect quote or saying for your plate or even make plates with a name or a secondary design. The possibilities are endless with your Cricut.

decorative plates cricut crafts

They would make great gifts for your friends and family. It is perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, retirement parties and so much more.

The Dollar Tree has many colors and designs to choose from. Each one of them is contemporary, trendy and ready for crafting.




Are you always finding mugs that have a great color but not a perfect saying? Do you want a mug with an inside joke on it? Or maybe you are like so many people who cannot find a mug with their name on it. Those days are over now, because you can design that perfect mug with your Cricut!

The Dollar Tree has both funk designed mugs and plain white ones. We love the plain white ones because it is like an empty canvas to start our design. They make great gifts, a nice Christmas gift that you can pack up with sweets and goodies or just a nice “just because gift” for someone in your family or your best friend.

The design options are endless and The Dollar Tree is always bringing in new designs. For $1.25 a piece it is a steal.

Cool Mason Jars – The Best Cricut Craft Dollar Tree Supplies

The Dollar Tree has great mason jars and candle holder jars. Whether it is for storing or creating a craft, their are so many different decorative mason jars to make your craft perfect and unique. Check out some of our current favorite finds!

Small Pots For Cricut Crafts

dollar tree cricut

We love these small pots for Cricut Crafts! For only $1.25 you can get these adorable brown pots or smooth blue, white or black pots. Putting a small cactus or succulent and crafting some great phrases or designs can be a perfect baby shower or wedding favor or a beautiful spring decoration in your home. You can also fill the pots with delicious sweets for Easter and cut a perfect bunny decoration. The possibilities are endless and for $1.25 each, we think these are incredibly affordable.

Tee Shirts – The Best Cricut Craft Dollar Tree Supplies

Dollar Tree Tee Shirts for Cricut


These adorable tee shirts come in various colors and sizes and they are perfect for family crafts. Have your child design the perfect tee shirt, make something special for a family reunion or make a design for yourself! A lot of Cricut users say to wash the tee shirt first before creating your design.

These make great gifts too! If you have a bridal shower or a baby shower, these can be perfect shirts like “favorite aunt to be” or “bridesmaid”. The possibilities are endless and the person who receives the gift will remember it for a long time.

Gift Bags

dollar tree gift bags

Gift bags for parties, baby showers and events are a great way to give gifts to your guests or to the person you are celebrating. The Dollar Tree has so many different gift bags with various sizes and colors that you have so many different options. Create loot bags for your child’s birthday party, bridal shower or baby shower. You can use your Cricut to cut out different flower patterns and paste them to the gift bag. There are so many options!

Champagne Flutes

cricut champagne flutes

Champagne flutes make a great gift for family, friends or even yourself. Whether you are ringing in the New Year in style or you want to give these as gifts, everyone is going to love the champagne flutes you have decorated with your Cricut! It can be a sentimental gift for another parent, a party favor or a great way to ring in the New Year! The Dollar Tree has cute Champagne Flutes that you will love.


Dollar Tree Cricut

Take a simple tumbler and make it shine with your Cricut! The Dollar tree has tumblers in a variety of fun colors. The design ideas are endless. You can put your name on one or create a beautiful design. We love the idea of staying hydrated and having a great tumbler. You can give them as gifts for your friends or have a special tumbler at your house for your children and their friends. There are endless possibilities! What tumbler color is your favorite? The Dollar Tree has many solid color tumblers!


Little Hearts

Cricut little hearts

Whether you are planning an adorable Valentine’s gift or working on an exciting craft, these little hearts can be the perfect accessory to any Cricut project you have in store. No matter what time of year, hearts are perfect for your partner or your kids. These were at the Dollar Tree for only $1.25 each which is a great price. This is one of our favorite Cricut Dollar Tree supplies!

Spray Bottles

cleaning bottles dollar tree cricut

Who would have ever guessed that spray bottles could be your next fun Cricut project? make some really cool labels for each of your own cleaning supplies with these Spray Bottles at the Dollar Tree. Label them with fun and unique labels. Or jazz up your cleaning supplies with some really cool designs. When you make your home your own, you can decorate it anyway you like. Even if that means the spray bottles!


Tupper Wear

Tupperwear Storage Cricut

Just like the spray bottles, you can label the tupper wear with food that you regularly store there or you can change the design of the tupper wear to make it more visually appealing. At $1.25 at the Dollar Tree, there are so many things you can do to make this look great in your kitchen and when you are out.



Elephant Decorations

Cricut Elephant Statue Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree always  If you’re a crafty person, you can see great finds that you can use to help create a wonderful project with your Cricut. We found this really interesting small elephant statue for only $1.25 at The Dollar Tree. Imagine what you can do with your Cricut to make a beautiful design on this elephant. This could become a centerpiece on a shelf or a child’s room. Use it to relax during meditation or create it as a small little gift for the elephant loving friend in your life. The possibilities are endless. Also, many colors can work with this pretty elephant statue. It is small enough in stature it will not overcome a room.


Decorations for inspiration

inspiring peices cricut dollar tree

The Dollar Tree has a lot of great inspirational gifts that with your creative mind and your Cricut, you can design a bigger version. You can easily be inspired skowering each aisle of the Dollar Tree. You can purchase a small item in order to design a bigger, more detailed item in the future as a project, gift or craft. Take this Coffee Bar craft we found for $1.25 at the Dollar Tree. It is simple in design, but with a Cricut, it can be made into something so much more. Go to the wood craft section to find a box that can work on from scratch.

Whether it is the font you like, the color or both, you can find inspiration in each aisle. Buy each project you find at the Dollar Tree to remember it and see the texture and the font and improve on it for your tastes. Look at the Coffee Bar Craft we have found!

Take a look at all of those inspirational signs and lovely sayings that you can make yourself for your kitchen, living room or a gift for a friend or family member!

Cups- Design The Cup You Love!

cricut dollar tree project


Cups can be very boring. Thankfully The Dollar Tree has them in many colors. You can design your own cups with your Cricut and really make them pop. From a cool personalized cup to making your very own design, this can be a really beautiful gift or it can really make your kitchen pop!

dollar tree cricut cups

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen on a budget, this is a great way to change things up in your cupboards, without breaking the bank! Beautiful cups look great, especially in glass kitchen cabinets.



Vinyl at The Dollar Tree

dollar tree crafts, cricut


Cricut crafters love using Vinyl for designs and The Dollar Tree is getting a bigger selection! We were surprised to find samples of vinyl, colored papers and so much more for that crafty crafter. This can lead to so many possibilities for Cricut crafters. We also saw shiny paper that can be used for cutting. Save from those other big box stores, especially if you just need a small sample and do not like waste! It’s green to go to the Dollar Tree for Vinyl!

Tiny Storage Boxes

storage boxes

Make a beautiful design for the tiny storage boxes. We use these to hold everyone’s winter gloves and scarves in our closet and we also use them for our linen closet to store various items. You can really jazz these up with your Cricut. If you have a lot of children, make cool labels with their names on it. Or create a one of a kind design that people are going to love. Display them proudly, these are only $1.25 at The Dollar Store and you can have a beautiful showcase of storage boxes for a fraction of the cost! Most importantly, its your design.

Cricut and The Dollar Tree

Cricut has allowed so many crafters to express themselves in ways they never could before. The crafts and designs that you can make at home is taking the crafting world by storm. However, your coveted crafts don’t have to break the bank. These simple buys can make a simple product look like a show case piece with your creativity, imagination and your Cricut!